Saturday, May 13, 2006

DZER by the numbers

I've seen this, or a similar version, on a couple of blogs, including that of Artful Dodger. Here's my version:

9 lasts
• Last place you were: at Blockbuster, renting DVDs for weekend watching.
• Last cigarette: Oct. 24, 2004.
• Last beverage: a two-liter bottle of Assam Black Tea.
• Last kiss: hmm … before Lent started, the last time I saw my favorite stripper.
• Last movie seen: in the theaters, “Lucky Number Slevin”; on DVD, “Love Actually.”
• Last phone call: made, to a guy setting up a ring game, to let him know I couldn’t make it; received, from a copy editor at work to double-check a fact in the editorial.
• Last CD played: wow … been a long time since I played an actually music CD, though I listed to “Greatest Hits of the 80s” on iTunes the other day.
• Last bubble bath: the last time I stayed overnight in a hotel that had a big enough bath to afford me this luxury — about 1-1/2 years ago, I think.
• Last time you cried: who would ask such a mean question? *sobs*

8 have you evers
• Have you ever dated someone twice: Yes.
• Have you ever been cheated on: Yes, yes and yes.
• Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Not so far.
• Have you ever fallen in love: Yes, unfortunately.
• Have you ever lost someone: Yes.
• Have you ever been depressed: Clinically depressed? Yes.
• Have you ever been drunk and thrown up: Duh.
• Have you ever hit another person: Many other people.

7 states you’ve been to
• State of Ecstasy.
• State of Bliss.
• State of Anger.
• State of Wonder.
• State of Awe.
• State of Disbelief.
• California.

6 things you’ve done today
• Played Neverwinter Nights.
• Watched some television.
• Took out the garbage.
• Went into the office.
• Bought some groceries — soup, Assam Black Tea, toilet paper, oranges, apples, Pepto-Bismal, Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine.
• Went to Blockbuster for some DVDs for weekend watching.

5 favorite things
My Favorite Person.
• Writing.
• Reading.
• A great meal and conversation with good friends.
• My mom’s cooking.

4 people you can tell pretty much anything to
My Favorite Person.

3 favorite colors
• Black.
• Charcoal gray.
• Hazel.

2 things you want to do before you die
• Meet My Favorite Person, in person.
• Have a novel published.

1 thing you regret
• Like there’s only one thing?

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam only has one civilian hospital, the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, and it sucks.


JMai said...

Hey, how did California get in there?

DZER said...

i'm sneaky like that ... like to throw in a curveball now and then ;)

terry said...

that was a funny curveball.

dz, it's time for another visit to cali! you and your favorite person can then come visit me!

Natalia said...

I might have to steal this one too... :)


ell said...

nice list d. just wanted to say hi. i've been so busy with the show opening this weekend.

Chrissie said...

lol thats cool...
but i refuse to believe im the only one you confide in *poke* who do you bitch about me to?? lol

DZER said...

terry: I'm good with curveballs ... and I'll see if we can work you in ;)

natalia: steal away, you thief! LOL

ell: thanks darlin' ... hope it's going well!

chrissie: thanks baby ... and I KNOW that you're perfect and always right ... so what woudl I have to bitch about? LOL