Tuesday, June 13, 2006

another Tuesday out of the way ...

I had a very productive day at work today, largely because I didn't take a regular lunch break. No home for a meal and surfing the 'Net, no fancy lunch out at a top restaurant, not even a hearty meal at a greasy spoon. Hmm ... I think I'm the first person in two years to use the term "greasy spoon."

Instead, I grabbed a few soft tacos from Taco Bell and a Pepsi, then ate in the parking lot of my dentist's office. Yeah, nothing's better than greasy-ass tacos in the cab of your truck in the afternoon heat of the tropics.

But it was time for my six-month cleaning, and I wanted to go in there with chunks of suspect taco "meat" and hot sauce. Hey, if I'm going to be uncomfortable with a strange woman sticking her fingers and strange implements into my mouth, I'm gonna make her EARN my insurance co-payment, dammit!

"Are you OK, sir?"

"Me? I'm fine -- *BUUUUUUUUURP* -- Are YOU OK?

Well, she got through it and ended up doing a fabulous (bang-up, for the two Brit readers out there) job, don't you think?

She really WORKED that polisher, didn't she? I can't WAIT for another six months to pass by!


New DZERette!
Ladies and gentlemen, there is brand-new addition to the roster of the DZERettes. Everyone join me in welcoming, with the traditional spankings and nipple twists, robyn. With the newest addition, there are now a total of 20 DZERettes! Holla!

Updated sidebar!
A few new bloggers have been added to my list of daily reads. Check them out on the right.

Also, I’ve added the last two movies I’ve watched, both on DVD. And I’ve finally found something to read! I’ve just begun it but I’m loving it so far. Nope, not my traditional high fantasy book. It’s not even a crime/romance novel, which is my usual guilty reading pleasure. The new book is Eats, Shoots & Leaves, a book dedicated to … wait for it … PUNCTUATION! Exciting, huh? Well, it’s like a dreamy chocolate treat for an anal-retentive editor and writer. Heh.

Many a Chamorro parent has kept his or her children in line by telling them to behave or the duendes would come and take them away. Duendes are little goblinesque creatures full of mischief and spite. There's nothing they enjoy more than taking bad, ill-behaved children and tormenting them with pinches and spankings. Beware the duendes, you little brats!


Suze said...

I bet you almost knocked her off her feet with your breath after that. LOL.

BTW, what is bang-up? :D

Banged up means pregnant over here and that's not me. :)

You look like Mr Bling.

Madame X said...

For a brief time I worked as a receptionist at a dentist's office.
We used to love when inconsiderate peole would come in because the hygenist would purposely leave great big chunks of shit on their faces and we'd let them leave without telling them.
YOu did check in the mirror, right?

Kristen said...

I laughed so hard at the suspect taco meat and hot sauce before a dentist appointment.......good stuff

What a beautiful smile.....

Natalia said...

Nice pearls you got there D-Love :) I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning to get the stupid stitches out from the implant surgery. ICK

And yum tacos. I am sooo hungry now.

*makes a note to have breakfast in the morning before going to work so she won't be hungry after reading people's food-related posts*



da buttah said...

i wouldn't mind bangin' up a few people i know..err


nice pearly whites ;)

Everything Nice said...

I would have never guessed you'd be anal retentive.... :)

Wow you're teeth are hella sparkly. Do me a favor and smile, let's see if the rovers can see that 'bling' from Mars!

Yep, there it is!

I can pack away 7 soft taco's from taco bell... how sad is that?

DZER said...

suze: hey, I figure make them earn their money! and here I thought I was talking the Queen's English! LOL

madame x: they'd never treat a local celebrity like that! heh.

kristen: It's my never-ending goal to make hot chicks laugh ... just in case one of them is actually telling the truth about humor being the most important thing/major turn-on ... LOL

natalie: this blog has a reputation for being a bad read if you're already hungry ... ;)

buttah: hmm ... and I on the bangin'-up list? ... and I'll admit that I did use a LITTLE photoshop help ... heh

EN: aren't all editors?

also ... there was a time not too long ago that when I made a run for the border that I ordered the 10-pack of soft tacos ... and put them away in very short order ;)

Mimi said...

Your smile is so bright I gotta wear SHADES.........................

DZER said...

mimi: the sparkles aren't a bit too much? LOL

Mimi said...


snavy said...

Loving your pearly whites!!

LMAO @ pre-cleaning run to the border.

Mmmmmm - taco bell! I miss taco bell but considering that every soft taco (I would order 2) is 210 calories and a bean and cheese burrito is 310 calories I will not be eating there anytime soon.

terry said...

cracking up at madame x's comment...

wow, dz, now your teeth are as sparkly as your eyes!

and how much of a dork am i? a friend got me "eats shoots and leaves" as a birthday gift a couple of years ago. i loved it!

DZER said...

mimi: whew!!

snavylyn: don't forget the cinammon crispas!

terry: all the better to smile at you with!

and I'm totally digging this book so far ... makes me want to reread Strunk & White and a bunch of others :)

Pyrhonik said...

Macintosh user.
Dazzling white teeth.
Casts a mean shadown over the desk.

I'm gettin shivers. I've been out of Journalism for about 15 years. Is Quark Xpress still THE choice for publishing? I left all of that shortly after Macs replaced the old Compugraphic Intrepid system.

Shay said...


I LOVE the bling-ing teeth!!