Wednesday, June 14, 2006

it must be in the cards ...

On Tuesday night, after initially not planning on going, I decided to drop by the poker game a little late. I had to sit around for a bit before being able to get a seat — got in the game with about an hour and 20 minutes before the closing time, which was set for midnight.

Good thing I decided to make an appearance. I hit a couple of early pots, and a couple of late ones, and ended up doubling my $100 buy-in.

It was nice enough that I’m now seriously considering going to a different game tonight, one that I also hadn’t planned on playing in. But sometimes, when you’re feeling a little lucky, you have to play. If you don’t play, you can’t win, and that’s doubly the case when you’re on something of a little hot streak. So if I’m not around commenting on your blogs at the normal times, you’ll know I decided to risk a little money hoping to win a little more.

• It was a VERY good decision to go play poker ... now I have an urge to splurge using some of my winnings ... about three bills :)


Kristen said...

Mornin' Dz!!!! WOO HOO..........congrats on the win.......good luck tonight

Pyrhonik said...

Ride, ride, ride, let it ride!

snavy said...

Man, I love poker!!Yay on the winnings!!

GO SPLURGE!!! Get yourself something pretty!! ;p

Vixxxen said...

Awesome to hear about the poker game! It is always nice to win a little.


Chrissie said...

YAAAY for you... still steaks n lap dances?

DZER said...

kristen: woohoo indeed!

pyrhonik: all I need is another game!

snavylyn: does a stripper count as buying myself something pretty? ;)

vixxxen: thanks darlin' ... winning rocks!

chrissie: still not sure ... maybe a present or two ;)

Jon said...

Time for Vegas man! Congratulations.

I was supposed to go to a game this Saturday, but I cancelled out. My kids are taking me to 6 Flaggs Sunday morning. I didn't want to be too exhausted.

kathi said...

Take the godsons to Six Flags, or whatever Guam has. NO...not the golf course!! Somewhere with rides, games and lot's of junk food! And take your camera!

terry said...

nicely done!

hey, it's not too late for a birthday present..