Thursday, June 08, 2006

DZER goes five-by-five

Age 5 ...
• Living in Tucson, Arizona
• Fully recovered from spinal surgery
• Comes face to face with rattlesnake
• Starts fire in alley that almost burns down neighborhood
• Learns to ride bicycle
Age 10 ...
• Living in Okinawa, Japan
• Plays baseball and football
• Comes face to face with habu viper
• Builds bicycles from discarded bikes, sells them to neighborhood kids
• Gets published for the first time in print
Age 15 ...
• Living in Abilene, Texas
• Plays defensive tackle for city champion junior high football team
• Rides bicycle to school every day
• Helps Pop kill rattlesnakes in backyard
• Gets name in national magazine for top score in video game "Popeye"
Age 20 ...
• Living in Latte Heights, Guam
• Attending the University of Guam
• Freelance writing for the newspaper
• Regularly winning beer chugging contests
• Gets heart broken
Age 25 ...
• Living in Windward Hills, Guam
• Sports editor of the newspaper
• Buys first vehicle on my own — 1994 Nissan King Cab SE-V6
• Is on the board of the Guam Darts Association
• Been playing golf for two years
Age 30 ...
• Living in Yona, Guam
• Is known by name at multiple strip clubs
• Now has twin godsons
• Gets heart broken
• Am a regular chatter in "The Ladies Room" in Chathouse
Age 35 ...
• Living in Anigua, Guam
• Is editorial editor of the newspaper
• Still driving around that same old truck
• Quits smoking
• Starts losing a little weight
Age 40 ...
• Slow the hell down! I'm ONLY 37 ... sheesh!

By the way ... newish post up over at My Favorite Person's blog, which qualifies as a rare event! LOL ... Check it out!


JMai said...

Another great meme post... but you have had far too many run-ins with snakes for my liking!

DZER said...

jmai: it's funny you should mention that ... I just chased a four-foot brown tree snake out of my bathroom ... LOL

Hubris said...

neat post dude :) I giggled at the fire in the alley but I doubt it was that funny at the time... ;)

Snow White said...

Cool post! It does seem you might be a snake magnet. Oh, and never give up on love! It'll find you! ;) xox

kathi said...

You know what blows me away is that you can remember all that stuff. Seriously.

DZER said...

hubris: thanks man ... and we were just playing with matches, starting then putting out fires ... then a tumbleweed rolls over it ... and tumbles down the alley, setting all the brush ablaze LOL

snow white: thanks hon ... snakes are cool though ;)

kathi: to tell you the truth ... I had a harder time finding 5 things about age 35 than any other category LOL