Sunday, June 04, 2006

a fairly boring weekend ...

Sometimes, a weekend spent doing nothing really productive is nice. Sometimes, it pretty much sucks. At other times, it simply IS.

This weekend was one of the ones that was kind of sucky. There was so much potential that went unfulfilled.

I knew it was going to trend toward suckiness on Friday, when the roof of my mouth was all sore and irritated. That's a clear sign of impending cold/sickness. I sucked on soothing throat drops. I took cold medicine. Still got sick.

On Saturday the roof of the mouth wasn't as bad, but I had sinus pressure and a runny nose. Repeated the throat drops and cold medicine routine. Went to work to knock out the weekend stuff. Slept in late on Sunday -- woke up at 8 a.m. and puttered around for a bit, checking the whole 4 messages on my post from yesterday, then said "fuck it" and went back to bed until close to noon.

Ended up, later on in the afternoon, going to watch "The Break Up." Eh; it was OK ... not as good as other recent romantic-comedies. I would say, wait for the DVD.

I also watched a couple of DVDs: "Something New," which was a cute little movie, and "Nanny McPhee," which was fun.

Unforunately this weekend, My Favorite Person also wasn't feeling well this weekend, which mean the hours of fun I was hoping to have playing Neverwinter Nights didn't happen. We played a tiny bit both my Saturday and Sunday, but got no real time playing. Oh well, such is life, no?

I put off laundry again until tomorrow after work; I still have one of the new pairs of pants and a new shirt to wear to work Monday, but once I get off it's over to the laundry place. Fucking bleah™.

I will likely go out to the kitchen and do dishes in a little bit, so that will be something.

I also did manage to get some writing done. There's a brand-new post up on DZEROTICA. The post is a part of:

Specifically, for the special of the month:


Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Guam has two multiplex-style theaters: one at Guam Premier Outlets (spelling is theirs!); another at the Micronesia Mall. All of us who live further south are anxiously awaiting for the Agana Shopping Center to finish construction on their multiplex theaters -- then movies will be just five minutes away!


Everything Nice said...

I NEED FRIENDS LIKE THAT!!! Oh shit I do have friends like that... heh.

Aww hun I'm sorry I wish I'd been around more this weekend but, it seems I'm having the same morbid experience... Only mine derrives from the gut and dammit I wish I could just suck on something to cure it!!

HEY!! I was talking about throat drops!!

Big Hugs D.. :) DO YOUR LAUNDRY!!!

Natalia said...

Hot picture, D-Man :)

My weekend has been hectic but I am winding down now.

I think the heat is making me lethargic :(


Shay said...

Awwww blah weekend do suck.

Did you try gargling with salt water for your throat? Sometimes that helps.

This girl on girl theme is going to be a lot of fun!! ^_~

sassinak said...

. sorry about being sick and stuff
by the way? we're the exact same age i think... you only forgot hogan's heroes and g-force and doctor who and battlestar galactica :)

ArtfulDodger said...

I don't know about you, but I needed a boring weekend.

Grace said...

Poor Dzer! A lot of peeps are getting sick here too, it's just that time of the year... the weather's starting to get beautiful, and everyone's taking advantage and showing a lot of skin. Anyways, I hope you feel better really soon.

terry said...

sometimes, this is just the way weekends are.

sorry you've been feeling under the weather. that sucks.

hopefully, next weekend will be much more fun. and you won't be thinking about the dreaded laundry.

Kristen said...

Hope you feel better .........

Damn, I really wanted to go see the Breakup........

SignGurl said...

I have the dreaded summer cold too. Blech!

I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. We ARE old!

Suze said...

Dzer, now I know where Alex and I got our colds from. No, I'm not accusing you of kissing Alex. :)