Monday, June 05, 2006

a long, drawn out post ...

Artful Dodger has recently begun posting Sex Blogger Funnies!, which are blog-related cartoons, and he's doing a good job with them.

But they got me thinking about my drawing -- rather, the lack of it for a long time. You see, ever since I was a kid I loved drawing. Art (not Dodger) was one of my favorite subjects; it just allowed you to be so creative.

I drew all the time and all over the place. I'd draw on my folders, in my class notes, in sketch books ... pretty much any white space. I used pencils, pens, charcoal, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. A drawing of mine, "Time," which was basically a bunch of clocks and watches, was published in this annual Department of Defense Schools' book of art and writing when I was in the fifth grade. I submitted drawings to CarTOONS, hoping to see my crazy car published in their fan art section.

In high school during my senior year, I drew some cartoon sharks for logos and as our Class of '87 mascot. I was also into "graffiti," but mostly on paper. I would do people's names -- usually girls -- using different techniques to make it look like chrome or something else cool and neat that they'd like. Yeah, I'd try pretty much anything back in the high school days; but which of us guys wouldn't?

I pretty much stopped when I got to my second or third year of college and met this amazing artist by the name of Jesse. Now I just kind of drew and sketched and doodled. Jesse was an ARTIST. His comic book type characters were amazing, as was his other work. I was lucky to work with him at the newspaper and, for a time, at a local lifestyle magazine. He did some brilliant stuff at both places and kept getting better. In fact, he's actually gone on to big success, doing animation and stuff for some big cartoon series -- nationally televised stuff.

I think he reads this blog now and the, so hey Jesse! Mad props!

While it was great meeting Jesse and becoming friends -- and feeding him at Casa George -- it also served to show me that I was a rank amateur. I didn't think about it then, but I never really had any artist training and education -- no real classes about techniques or anatomy or any of that; I kind of just drew by feel. But at the time I decided that I would never really be an artist, that my strengths lay with writing, and so I pretty much gave up drawing.

Oh, I did and still do doodle during long meetings, or any other time I'm sitting around with time to kill and some blank paper and any kind of writing implement. But nothing that could be considered in any way "art."

But lately I've been reading a couple of art books -- one on sketching and one called "Anatomy for Artists" -- that have got me thinking about drawing again. In fact, this weekend, after I get paid Friday, I was planning on heading to the office supply store to get some graphite pencils of various degrees of hardness, a gum eraser, a regular eraser, a little pencil sharpener and some sketch pads.

And Artful Dodger's toons have served to add further fuel to the fire. I've even volunteered to contribute some cartoons. *gulp*

So, now and then, you just might see some sketches and drawings appear in this space, depending on how brave and daring I'm feeling on any given day.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Ancient Chamorros did some cave paintings, though not many -- most caves here are limestone, and it could be they got covered up or eroded because of all the water seepage. The paintings are basically petroglyphs, and have been enjoying a resurgence as modern artists replicate them or do their own take on the drawings.


Kristen said...

I can't wait to see your drawings

ArtfulDodger said...

I can only encourage you in this my friend. Your story isn't all that different from my own honestly, years and years of drawing in notebooks and doodling. Even the part about trying to use it to score with babes in HS! hehe, didn't really work. All it takes is desire and practice (and talent of course) but stick with it and see what happens. I'm very glad to see that my recent posts have had this effect on you, almost brings a tear to the Dodger's eye... almost!

kathi said...

Whose sketchings are those you've got posted here and what is the 2nd one?
I have no doubt that you can pretty much master whatever you set your mind to. It's just who you are.

DZER said...

kristen: click on the pics in the post

dodger: thanks man! sorry I almost made you man-cry! LOL

kathi: those are old ones I did. Click on the pic to see it a little bigger. I know that eyesight is the first thing to go. ;)

Vixxxen said...

Cute sketches ^^ I just love that little shark. I am also a doodler...but it appears you are much better then I at it.


Madame X said...

Nicely done D!!!

Who was the saturday morning cartoon shark?
That's what your shark reminds me of.

Suze said...

Dzer, like you I never took Art classes, wish I though. So, perhaps we will be treated to the Dzer Gallery over here soon. :)

SignGurl said...

I admire people who can draw. I have dabbled in painting (oils and acrylics) but never really took it anywhere. I have never been able to draw.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

RennyBA said...

Admireful drawings Dzer - you are an artist in many ways. Thanks for sharing!

ell said...

go for it, d! looks like you have talent to me.

another one of your many talents!


ell said...

go for it, d! looks like you have talent to me.

another one of your many talents!


sassinak said...

i like the middle one the most!

dude the reason there are more than one artist in the world? we're all different

who cares how good someone else is, just enjoy what you do.

kathi said...

Kiss my sweet ass, guy. I didn't see the shark one, so I was talking about the last one. And for your information, it's not the first thing. :)

Grace said...

Very beautiful sketches Deeze.
I'm with Kathi on this... I'm pretty unsure of what the last one is. And don't give me that: "eyesight's the first thing to go" bit. We're all youngsters here.

DZER said...

vixxxen: thanks, darlin' ... I also have a toon gecko I do but can't find him anywhere

madame x: thanks ... and you're thinking of the great Jabber Jaws!

suze: I'll see what I can do ;)

signgurl: I'm the opposite ... I can't do paints!

rennyba: thank you, sir!

ell: aww ... thanks sweetie :)

sass: thanks, darlin' ... that's one of my faves too!

kathi and grace: the last one is a woman ... just the shadows .. her arms are crossed and she's leaning against a wall :)

Natalia said...


OMG...I am totally floored. Yet another of your talents. I am so amazed by people that can draw. Seriously, pursue it. No need to let the talent go to waste. I'd love to see more stuff posted.


Everything Nice said...

Alright fucker... Is there anything you CAN'T do? because I'm thinking you're phenominal.

I would love to see more of your work... and find a book.... I see you have nothing!

Much love and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday.... :)

kisses big guy,

terry said...

good for you, dzer.

i've always been so jealous of people who can draw. i can't even do decent stick figures!

DZER said...

Natalia: it is a very small talent, but thank you. And I'll see what I can do ;)

EN: Hmm ... what I can't do? Find a woman who will date me? Is that a talent? LOL

and thanks hon ... *smooch*

terry: thanks hon ... nice to have you jealous of me! LOL