Tuesday, August 15, 2006

an assorted medley of DZER's day ...

Something that always totally unnerves me: I'm driving in one direction; a cop car approaches from the opposite direction. We pass each other. I look in the driver's side mirror to see brake lights, the cop car move into the center lane, then take a U-turn in my direction.

Unsettling. Even if I'm not speeding or doing something else wrong. Especially if you see the lights blaze to life. Always a relief when the patrol vehicle speeds by, responding to some call.

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A grand total of zero offers on the Palauan wine, aged under the cool, calm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Guess my readership is more of a shot-and-beer crowd. LOL

The bottle of Merlot, therefore, is going to My Favorite Person, who said she'd top any bid. Since the top bid was zero, I'll make her pay a pretty penny for the wine. No, seriously, a penny; shiny and pretty. I'll expect that soon, lady!! LOL

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OK, so the next item that I'm putting up for "bid" is this adorable little DzMonster. He's shades of blue and green and is roughly 12 inches tall, from butt to the top of his little deely-bopper antennae. Besides just being cute, and of course, owned by DZER, he actually serves a rather practical purpose.

Yes, he is utile as well as fun for the eyes (and little kids and chew-happy pets, I'm sure). You see, his tummy unzips to reveal little sleeves in which you can insert your DVDs or CDs. There are 12-double sided disc sleeves, which means you can fit 24 of your favorite moview or albums safe inside his belly.

Do I have any offers? Anyone? Bueller ... Bueller ... Bueller ...

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I'm sorry folks, but I think "The Rock" is cool. Maybe because his first name is Duane.


Was just watching "The Rundown" on FX ... what a badass! LOL

Oh ... and Christopher Walken is just plain freaky!

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An application has been submitted. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Things accomplished early this morning, as I fell asleep last night while watching TV, from about 8 p.m. to almost 2 a.m.:

• Rest of laundry finally sorted, ironed (what needed to be), folded and put away.

• Next two big duffel bags of laundry filled and placed into living room, ready to be done in next day or two.

• Bed adjusted, cleaned off, pillows fluffed.

• Cheese omelet made. Eaten.

• More assorted trash thrown out, collected into big garbage bag, put by door to take out on way to work. And I actually took it out.

• Items on little side tray table adjacent to desk cleared, sorted, replaced.

• Action items added to white board on my desk.

• Golf clubs cleaned. New golf balls added. Old, dirty and damaged golf balls placed into big bucket that's almost over-brimming with golf balls.

• DVDs sorted, put into new DVD case. Old boxes/containers/packaging discarded.

• Toilet bowl clean. Now sparkling.

• Items cleared off two plastic shelving unites. Shelves cleaned, ready for eventual sale.

My Favorite Person talked to during her lunch break. :)

• ESPN programs that I don't normally watch because they're on so early — Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption) — watched.

• Cleaning of bedroom contemplated. Tabled till later.

• Back to sleep at 8 a.m., back awake at 10 a.m.

• Shower, dress for work.

Productive, no?

Interesting, no? No, I didn't think so either ... and yet I shared! LOL


Heather said...

I HATE when they do that.. I honestly think they KNOW it totally freaks most people out, therefore causing even the innocent to fuck up in some way, allowing them to write a ticket.. dirty bastards..

That is the coolest CD case EVAH!!

You were a busy guy.. I just love a man that can clean a toilet AND make it sparkle..

Heather said...


Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

I so want that grean critter thing!!!

April said...

Yeah...cops unnerve me, too.

Merlot? You were giving away a bottle of Merlot & I didn't know it?? Damn.

That green critter is CUTE.

The Rock is awesome...have you seen the preview of the new movie he's gonna be in?

Christopher Walken is supposedly running for president...

Natalia said...

Me want critter...bad...me cry.

Also, Mr. Hagfish and I were talking about Mr. Walken just the other day. Mr. Hagfish is very picky with his actors and thinks most of hollywood right now is a joke. But he seems to think the freakishness of Mr. Walken sets him apart from the rest. He does freak me out but the dude is good at what he does.


Chrissie said...

My fav Walken stuff is the Continental! *L* would you like some champanga??

I want that toooo :(
LOL fuck! We always like the same shit lol

I really am goin to work now!

RobynB said...

Just popping in to say hello :)

DZER said...

heather ... ain't that the worst? and it IS cool, isn't it? heh

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO ... the question is ... HOW bad do you want it? LOL

april: cute as a green blue monster! and how DID you miss the Merlot?

natalia: hmmm ... crying bad, huh? lol ... and walken is weird but good, yes

chrissie: oh my god! he was HILARIOUS in that sketch!! ... and how am I gonna make any money if you want everything? ... as for liking the same shit ... great minds ;)

robyn: well hello!!

Madame X said...

Walken's weird but the bastard can DANCE which makes him all the more creepy.

da buttah said...


i'll trade you my 27'' flat screen tv for it! ;)

i love christopher walken...most people like him creep the fuck out of me, but he? he's the man!

Chrissie said...

*L* I see a lot of people wanting the DzMonster but i dont see any bids!

So I will bid 5.00!

And you need to let me know on the wine what the shipping is... cuz it would be icky to give my Dad something I got for FREE lol... How much is the wine worth anyway? I tried to look it up online and couldnt find anything... I never know... Aussie wines here are like 200$ - 250$ for this one lable my Dad likes and in Oz the same bottle is only like 30 bucks *L* I keep trying to get Nev to send me some! I shoudl ask Mark my chances might be higher...

SignGurl said...

Walken is the creepiest but also the best. He was dead on in the Dead Zone, heh.

You crack me up when you document your day.

Kristen said...


I want the green little thingie!!!!

Chrissie said...

what the hell? you arent even awake and commenting yet??

DZER said...

madame x: yes ... that fatboy slim video was freaking awesome!!

buttah: nice offer ... but can you send that thing through the mail? LOL

chrissie: I like it when you offer to pay me for stuff ... LOL ... I'll have to look into the price ... and let me know what kind of Aussie wine he likes ... it might be cheaper here!

signgurl: heh ... and I'm so glad to be a crack(ing up) dealer ... ;)

kristen: flashes alone won't get you the green thingie!!

chrissie: I was awake ... just not very functional ... sound familiar? ;)

Chrissie said...

I dont remember the name of the wine.. i'll ask my Dad again.

pay you... yes i'm sure you would... whore!

it sounds very familiar... it will be that way in about 8 hours from now for me :D