Friday, August 18, 2006

some goodbye golf with good friends ...

Saturday morning is rapidly approaching (it's about 11 p.m. as I type this), which means that I'm not going to get enough sleep.

I still have to write the bulk of two editorials — and of course I'm wasting time typing this post — before I go to bed. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big thing. Saturdays are days that I can allow myself to sleep in a bit and laze around before heading into work in the afternoon.

But in about 7 hours, I have to wake up and 45 minutes after that, at the most, I will be picked up by S for an early tee time (7:45) and the Country Club of the Pacific down in Talofofo. S and I will be playing with co-worker C, and we're all treating a former co-worker, J, to a round of golf and lunch. J left the newspaper to start his own restaurant; this is a good luck and goodbye gift.

I've known J for about 18 years now. We met at the University of Guam; both of us majoring in communications and having a lot of the same classes.

Me and J and a few others, circa 1989. J is second
from left; of course that's me on the right.
And yes, I'm aware of how tragic the pants are. LOL

Over the years, we spent a lot of time partying, playing cards, golf and all kinds of other things. He got me my start at the newspaper; he was a part-time sports reporter while we were in school and encouraged me to do some freelance writing for the Sports section. We also were the top two editors of the university's newspaper for several semesters.

J and I drifted away from each other for a bit, but reconnected when both of us went back to the newspaper from other jobs about 6 years ago.

Any way ... that's enough blathering for now ... gotta put the nose to the grindstone and hammer out these edits so I can get SOME sleep.

Talofofo, one of Guam's southern villages, is known as "God's Country." Basically, that means a lot of wilderness and technically being in "the sticks." Heh.


kathi said...

One thing I always love about your pictures, you always show attitude. Never take a bad pic, actually, now that I think about's kind of irritating. :)


JMai said...

Newspaper to restaurant -- what a great transition. I figure when I get tired of dealing with brokers, I'd like to open a restaurant. But I get the feeling it sounds a lot nicer and simpler than it actually is.

Happy golfing Friday!

SignGurl said...

Is that a cigarette I spy?

Heather said...

LOL... But I love love looooove those pants... *snicker*...

Get some rest and have a wonderful day tomorrow!

TheMissouriSavage said...

Man, that's an old pic.. You had hair then.. lol Tell "J" hi for me....

ell said...

have fun golfing tomorrow.

nite sweetie...

DZER said...

kathi: irritating is part of my charm ;)

jmai: J has loved cooking for a long time and just recently completed his culinary associate's degree at the local community college. He's also won a few different local cooking contests. :)

signgurl: yep ... hard to find of pic of me from the past without one. LOL

heather: hush up on the pants! LOL

savage: yep ... very old ... and will do

ell: thanks darlin' ... :)