Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey, hey mama, said I gotta move ...

It's really difficult when you look around your apartment (or house) at all of the stuff you've accumulated in your life and try to figure out how much of it you actually need. I don't mean "need" as in the theoretical "can get by without" — hell, there's a ton of stuff I have that I don't really need to live or can't get by without or don't use for long periods of time.

I mean stuff as in, if I had to pack up everything tomorrow, how much of the stuff would I actually have to take? How much of it would I want to take?

Now I'm not talking about packing up stuff to move across town. If that were the case, it would be much easier. I'm not even talking about moving a few states away, in which case you could rent a U-Haul and still take a majority of your stuff.

I'm talking about moving to the other side of the world, to a new continent. Anything you take will have to be sent by ship or by air, and you'll have to pay for it. By the box, by the crate, by the pound ... it's all the same.

So, right off the bat, I'm going to eliminate furntiture. No shelves, no desks, no tables, no chairs, no dressers, no entertainment centers. Also no major appliances — no televisions, no fridge, no air conditioner. I won't need my fan, microwave or toaster oven. How many picture frames do I need/want to bring? No point in keeping all the candle holders I have, even the neat ones, huh? I also have tons of plastic storage containers. I will pack some of my stuff in these things, then pack them in the boxes, I guess, but that leaves a ton of them that won't go and thus need to be sold.

How many of the knickknacks and bric-a-brac? Do I keep the sentimental ones? The ones I like and think are cool? I've got tons of little art objects — nothing fancy or expensive, just a lot of little things.

All of the kitchen/pantry/food items won't go. Like I'm going to ship pepper? Likewise the vast majority of my pots, pans, silverware, servingware, cooking items, measuring cups, plates, bowls, etc. There are some of these items that I've had forever that I will keep for sentimental reason, but those are few.

MY COMIC BOOKS. Ouch. I was a collector for many years and have thousands of comics. It will be particularly hard to get rid of these. One weekend, very soon, I basically need to take a whole day to go through every single one of them and get them properly sorted, re-bagged, evaluated for condition and priced. I'm going to try to sell them by lot instead of by individual issue. So if you're a big X-Men or New Mutants or Conan the King fan, let me know if you want a series of them (some multiple issues) for a pretty decent price.

Same goes for any comic collectibles I have. I think most of these will go to my godsons, if they want them. I have a ton of Wolverine figures, cards, etc. Oh man, this is gonna HURT!

So what will go, for sure?

• My computer and assorted CD's with programs and files saved. The printer/scanner/copier ... being sold.

• My golf clubs. But only my new ones. That means my old irons and other assorted clubs — woods, trouble woods, irons — and my old bag (which still is pretty new) get sold off or given away.

• Clothing. I'll be taking most of this — some with me on the plane, the majority of it shipped off in boxes. But I will whittle things down. Most of the "wear around the house" clothing will be either tossed out or given to a thrift store (there have to be poor/homeless fat people out there right). This includes shoes — only going to keep a few pairs of sneakers, my good dress shoes, my nice work shoes. The rest goes ... including probably half of my stock of socks.

• Some assorted desk stuff, things I've had forever — a few coffee mugs, scissors, pens and stuff. But, again, most of it will be gone.

• Some photo frames, nice boxes, vases and assorted decorater items. Again, most of it will have to go. I think since I have so many little things, this will be the hardest to winnow down. *sigh*

• DVDs. I bought a new DVD case, so at least I can get rid of all the boxes and packaging. Pretty much taking all of the movies I have on DVD. Anything I have left on VHS will have to go.

OK, I've decided that the people of Guam will not be the only ones with a shot at my junk. That's right, fellow bloggers, you too now have the opportunity to acquire some priceless DZER assorted crap! LOL

At least once a week, I will feature at least one item. All I'm really looking to do is cover shipping costs. If you live in the United States, that means it probably won't be all that much. If you live outside the country, it likely will cost a bit more. Think of it as donating to THE FUND. I have a PayPal account, so that's how I'm going to handle any transactions. Everything will go out Priority Mail.

Yeah, I know I probably should do this over eBay. Maybe I'll get around to creating an account soon, but until then, ya'll have first dibs on any of my junk.

The first item available is a bottle of wine. Oh, but not just any bottle of my, my fine feckled (and, in some cases, freckled) friends. No, this bottle of merlot comes from the Republic of Palau, a nation of atolls located in the Western Pacific. The island is famed for its clear blue waters and is a top SCUBA destination. This is Rock Island Wine is made "from the freshest ingredients and purest rainwater," according to the label. What makes it special is that the wine is aged deep in the cool ocean waters of Palau. Why dig a cellar when you have the Pacific Ocean, after all?

You can E-mail the DZER with your offer and your mailing address. I will, in turn, write you back with the information regarding PayPal details.


grainne said...

OH BABY !! Do you have a database of your comics that I can give to the son to look at ?? My poor heart is racing at the moment at the thought of being able to add to his collection of 25K+ marvel publications!! Not to mention...getting some of Dzer stuff for my greedy little self !

Personally, I think leaving the clothing and everything else and shipping the comics to yourself would be a great idea !! Parting with comics is akin to cutting of important body parts and giving them away to random cannibals !!

~smooch~ Okay let me find out what a grand list maker you are !!

TheMissouriSavage said...

Ummmm where ya moving to?...
The US Post Office has flat rate boxes... all you can stuff in em and close for a flat fee.. they could weigh 80 pounds and you'd only be charged X ammount per box....

Chrissie said...

Hmmm Mark thats good info to have! Thanks!

Dont sell the comics, get rid of the dups if you must but umm... just mail em? lol

SignGurl said...

Cool idea! Now we can all have our piece of the DZER.

JMai said...

Wait a sec -- when did you discuss the fact that you're moving to a new continent?? what the hell DID I MISS???

Moving sucks though, no matter how far or close. I do wish you lived close -- I'd bag those old clubs from you in a heartbeat. Chulo wants to learn to play (FINALLY, he's only 40!!)

Also, that wine? Incredible. Aged in the cool deep waters of the Pacific. Woweee.

Sunny Delight said...

Sounds like a fine plan to get rid of the "stuff" accumulated while living in one place so long...I wish you luck in the doing my friend...I have tried and tried....maybe it will take an overseas move....which of course will never happen *sigh*

The Dzer on ebay ....you could make a fortune darlin'

Kristen said...

Where are you movinb too?
Come on.........inquiring minds want to know

DZER said...

grainne: no database yet ... but once the list is ready I'll give you first peek LOL

mark: hmmm ... something I didn't know! stunning, eh? I'll have to check into that.

chrissie: hmmm ... maybe ;)

signgurl: get a piece of the Deeze!

JMai: umm ... it's hypothetical? yeah ... that's it ... that's the ticket! And better late than never for Chulo!

sunny: not a fortune, I don't think ... but maybe a bit ;)

kristen: well, it's like this, see ...


Knight said...

DZ: I have this box of old comic books too. most mid to late 70s... x-men, hulk, ect... the prize of the collection is the first run series of Star Wars, from when the first movie came out. When last I checked, the first issue alone was worth a grand.

DZER said...

knight ... nice, fellow comic geek golfer!

Pyrhonik said...

DZ: Regardless of where you are going you can stuff all of your stuff in a container or a sea-can and send it via air/sea/ground for a flat fee. Done.

The company I work for has property all over the world and equipment moves around a lot.