Sunday, August 13, 2006

the 2-by-4 meme ...

Today’s meme comes courtesy of terry, who did it whilst drunk. LOL … thanks for the tag, my San Franscisan treat! ;)

2 moments in your life you'd like to erase:
• Finding my dad’s body at his ranch … and then having to find my brothers and sister to tell them.

• Any of the many times I’ve been in a conversation that’s started off, “I love you, BUT …”

4 moments you'd like to relive:
• Being crowned king in a total surprise announcement at my high school prom. It’s good to be king.

• This one crazy, amazing and near-unbelievable night at Blue Collar strip club.

• The first phone call I made to My Favorite Person.

• A moment yet to come, in the very near future. Keep your collective fingers crossed.

2 places you wouldn't want go to/go to again:
• The hospital.

• Any funeral home.

4 places you can't wait to visit/visit again:
• California

• Sedalia, Missouri

• Indiana

• Las Vegas, at the final table of a future World Series of Poker main event.

2 foods you can't stand:
• Beans of any kind, excepting jelly

• Sashimi

4 foods you love:
• My mom’s home cooking.

• Chinese

• Italian

• Bacon cheeseburgers.

2 current songs that make you change the station:
• Most current rap songs.

• “Taps.” Well, it’s not played on the radio, but man the sound of that bugle just rips me apart inside every single time.

4 current songs you play over and over:
Let me preface this by saying that I almost never listen to the radio, or to much music, period, anymore.

• “I’m Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Is there anyone that doesn’t get perked up by listening to this?

• “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin … Hey, hey momma said the way you move!

• “One Headlight” by the Wallflowers

• “All I Want for Christmas” as sung by the little girl in “Love Actually.” Whenever I watch that DVD, I replay that scene several times.

2 books you'd never finish/read again:
• Anything by any Bronte sister.

• Anything by any Russian author, especially Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

4 books you have read more than once, and/or will read again:
• The “In Death” series by J.D. Robb.

• The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

• Anything by David Gemmel.

• Anything by L.E. Modesitt about the world of Recluce.

Now I need to tag 2-4 people:

My Favorite Minx




... and anyone else who feels like doing it.

• Guam has had only three tsunamis causing damage at more than one location — in 1849, 1892 and in 1993, but only one death has been documented, and that back in 1892. Generally, because of our coral reefs, we are protected from tsunamis, and they only occur on the eastern side of the island.


Madame X said...

THis is so not what I had in mind for a 2X4 meme.

Where's the wood?

OH, never mind!

terry said...

black dog! loooooove that song.

you always have the most interesting answers to these things.

keeping my fingers crossed for that upcoming moment...

JMai said...

Walking on Sunshine -- what a great song.

Got my fingers crossed, but I expect to find out reasonably soon what the finger-crossing secret moment is all about!

Coral reef? I'm sooo going to Guam.

DZER said...

madame x: you dirty minded wench!

terry: thanks darlin' ... I strive to be interesting ;) ... and keep 'em crossed!

jmai: ain't it though? and you will, but only if you cross your fingers ... oh, and come soon! ;)

Mimi said...

One Head Light, yep I crank it everytime I hear it.

DZER said...

mimi ... I just bet you do ;)

Natalia said...

Hmmmm I loved crime and punishment. Really, no beans? Beans are good and good for you. I don't know how I would react if I ever found anyone dead...let alone a family member. I bet that's a tough one to get over. Sorry you had to be the one. xoxox


SignGurl said...

I can't get by the fact that you found your dad. I have no words.

No beans and no squash?, Do you eat vegetables? No, the tomato on the burger doesn't count.

DZER said...

natalia: some bad writing there ... ugh ... and nope, no beans!

signgurl: I eat tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, salad greens, spinach, cucumbers ... but no beans, no squash, no zucchini, no peas, no lima beans, no artichokes, no asparagus ... none of that crap!