Monday, September 25, 2006

irritatingly inimically irrational inanity ...

I've been craving a good burger all weekend. Deciding against a restaurant version, I picked up some ground beef Sunday during my grocery shopping. I thought about my burger all day at work. After I got home and got settled in, I headed for the kitchen. I opened the package, and put half of the ground beef away for later use. The other half was seasoned with salt and pepper. Generous amounts of crushed garlic was mixed in, making one big patty, probably about 3/4 a pound. That went on the George Foreman Grill.

While it was sizzling away, I put on large bun into the toaster oven to get nice and toasty. Then I sliced a ripe tomato and cut into an onion. Usually I mix chopped onion into the mix, but this time I wanted the nice crispy crunch of raw onion. Then, I cut some slices off this mini-wheel of Brie I got on sale a little while back.

I unplugged the grill, opened it up and put the cheese on to melt. Took the bun out of the toaster oven, put some mayo and mustard onto the top of the bun, then slid the burger from the grill to the bottom bun, topped that with the tomato and onion.

Then I came to the bedroom to eat the burger at my desk while watching SportsCenter.

There you have it ... DZER's garlic and brie burger. And yes, it was frickin' delicious!

Yep ... now the truth is out. DZER is the man in the moon!

Aye, aye, I have an eye.

My poetic juices have once again been stirred. By what, I just don't know, but I thought I would share my latest creation/degradation with you.

Stopping by Blogs on a Tropical Evening
(with huge apologies to Robert Frost)

Whose blog this is I think I know,
He hasn’t updated it for a while, though.
He will not notice that I’ve stopped here,
He doesn’t have Sitemeter on sidebar row.

My little Mac must think it queer,
My browser just might crash, it’ll fear,
But OS X handles it like cake,
I might as well go drink a beer.

What gems from here will I take,
It’s drivel; this has been a mistake.
The only other sound's the beep,
Of e-mail checked in server’s wake.

This blog is stupid and far from deep,
A bunch of shit, a steaming heap,
And still I just can’t fall asleep,
And still I just can’t fall asleep.


Madame X said...

Yesterday I was craving a burger myself so Ell, Mcat and I went to Ruby Tuesday's.
I ordered a Triple Prime burger DAMN it was GOOD!
No where near as good as the Dzer Garlic Brie burger though!

Heather said...

Great.. now I'm hungry...

Have a great Monday/Tuesday!

snavy said...

I love the poem - lol!!

I've been craving a good burger lately too. Will you make one for me?

Chrissie said...

i'd steal a couple bites of that!

man in the moon is cute! lol

Chrissie said...

btw.. *poke*

kathi said...

Sorry, but eeeewwwwwww...I think I may be sick.

DZER said...

madame x: I need to get me to a Ruby Tuesday's *sigh*

heather: I strive to make women hunger LOL

snavy: thanks ... and come on by ... more ground beef left ;)

chrissie: aww ... high praise ... and thanks ... for the cute comment ... not the poke, you eye-poker!!

kathi: you poor veghead ... LOL

da buttah said...

you're killing me....and my diets survival much past me finishing this comment.

aliteration turns me on ;)

DZER said...

buttah ... aw ... I'm sorry

and alliteration always acts as arousal?

SignGurl said...

I love when the DZER gets bored. He is so entertaining!

JMai said...

You 'member that part in the 40-year old virgin, where he's going on and on about his egg salad?

Yeahhh. -pinch-

Kristen said...

yum..........I want a bite of that.....

nice poem but I want the burger

terry said...

hey, i had a brie burger for lunch today!!


DZER said...

signgurl: I am the entertainer ... heh

jmai: hey! no pinching!

kristen: a bite of me? or my burger?

terry: GET ... OUT!!