Wednesday, September 27, 2006

suddenly I'm up on top of the world ...

Ever since I can remember, I've loved comic books and superheroes.

I read comics voraciously well past college, and collected them as well. I still have tons, which I eventually will sell off once I get them sorted and catalogued.

And it's funny, but I actually learned a lot. A lot of comic books contain a lot of science, both real and theoretical. While still pretty much a kid, I learned about the time-space continuum, the time travel paradox, radiation (of various forms), light speed, mutation, adamantium, titanium, fusion, fission, cellular reconstruction and more.

It also led me to Greek and Norse mythology, so I ended up reading the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" when I was an adolescent. Comics are the reason I got into Tolkien and Asimov and other science fiction/fantasy writers.

This is the reason that I hate, if not completely detest and despise, the vast majority of comic-book-based television shows and movies.
• Spider-Man no making and using webshooters? Please.

• Batman suits with nipples?Ahnuld as Mr. Frost? Gag.

• Viktor Von Doom on the ship with those who would become the Fantastic Four? *shudder*

• The complete disruption of the storylines and characters in the X-Men? Fuck you, Hollywood!!

• The horrendous re-telling of the Punisher storyline, not once but twice? *sigh*
But I did LOVE Sin City. Frank Miller is a comic god. And I love the fact that Robert Rodriguez collaborated so closely with Miller to pull of this cinematic masterpiece. It's the first movie I ever saw that made me feel like I was reading a comic book and not just watching a film. It's gritty. It's graphic. It's nasty. It's everything that a Frank Miller comic should be.

It gave me hope that other comic-based movies would live up to the same standard. But, of course, all that hope was for naught, as was made appallingly evident by the next in the genre that came down the pike.

Those fucking fuckers!!

And there's a new show out — "Heroes" on NBC. This isn't really a television show. It's a slowly unwinding comic book in electronic format. All that it's missing is those little boxes in the corner of the frame that add narrative.

So far, I'm liking it. Teleporting/time-stopping Japanese salaryman. Invulernable (or at least super-fast healing) cheerleader. Precognitive painter. Indian professor in the mold of Charles Xavier. Thought-reading cop. Internet porn artist/single mother with a deadly mirror image.

I hope they don't screw it up.

Keep your fingers crossed. I know mine are.


They're kind of an ... earth blue ... heh


Kristen said...


SUPER KRISTEN is first today!!!!

*cue superhero music*

ArtfulDodger said...

Ahh man! And I got up early to be first!! :)

I never heard of this show, now I gotta check it out.

Chrissie said...

aww.. i see the whole world in your eyes.. *swoon*

The show was good huh? Still mad at me for cheating?? lol The only part I didnt like was the little twist at the end! I thought that was kinda shitty. I feel sorry for him, so not fair.

Natalia said...

That's an awesome pic, Deeeze, baby... lovely as usual. And I do understand the frustration with Hollywood taking all sorts of liberties. I love movies that are based on comic books...cause I love comic books...but I wish they would respect the artists' decisions.


Heather said...

Never really got into comics.. I have heard quite a few rants about that show.. I just might have to start watching..

Great pic!

Have a great Humpday/HNT!

crabcake said...

Sin City was awesome! I read comic books too and they never get it right in the movies. If you never read comics, the movies are probably acceptable enough. But if you did, no way!

April said...

Oh...what a fabulous pic, handsome!

Happy early HNT.

SignGurl said...

*swoon* My knees are all weak after viewing this HNT!

Suze said...

Dzer, you really are becoming creative with Photoshop. I love this. He has the world in his eyes.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Oooh...the world, eh?
Reminds me of the Men In Black movies.
"Where is the Universe?!"

DZER said...

kristen: and what are your powers? lol

dodger: it's a decent show that has a lot of potential

chrissie: I love it when you swoon for me, babycakes ... and who knows? maybe he will fly soon!

natalia: I'm with you 100 percent

heather: you should! I think you'd like the show

crabcake: sin city was the bomb ... I hope they make a follow-up

heather: aw, thanks doll!

signgurl: just your knees? LOL

suze: creativity with photoshop often comes from boredom!

momentarily distracted: you do NOT want to know where the universe is! Heh.

terry said...'ve...been...hypnotized...


Sunny Delight said...

very cool pic....and the show sound sci fi stuff

DZER said...

terry: are you telling me that you must do my bidding? heh

sunny d: thanks darlin' ... and it was very cool.

snavy said...

I liked Heroes too. It could be very good or very disappointing. I guess we'll see.

The X-men scramble pissed me off as well and as for Batman with nipples - wtf we they thinking. If they did that with Wonder Woman movie, (please don't make that movie)there'd be hell to pay.

Through your eyes I see the world in a new light.

Shay said...

Nice photoshopping skillz big D!

how about "the world is not enough" ^_~