Saturday, September 30, 2006

sometimes, nothing beats ...

... eating a big bowl of kid's cereal for your dinner.

... the smell of fresh-cut grass.

... sleeping in for an extra hour or two.

... a smile from a beautiful woman.

... making a child laugh like crazy.

... finding a close parking space as soon as you pull into the lot.

... when a store undercharges you.

... that little extra in your paycheck.

... getting your dessert comped by the management at a fancy restaurant.

... a long, cool drink of water from the garden hose on a hot day.

... checking the mail and finding out that a package has come in.

... having the first pair of shoes you try on fit perfectly, then finding out they're on sale.

... a cold piece of leftover fried chicken eaten in front of the refrigerator.

... coming across one of your favorite movies while flipping through channels, and it's just getting started so you didn't miss anything.

... the smell of barbecuing chicken wafting through the air.

... getting an unexpected call from someone with whom you really like talking.

... two-for-one anything.

... a soft kiss on the lips when you were expecting it on your cheek.

... finding money on the ground.

... having exact change for your purchase.

... finishing the Sunday crossword puzzle.

... flopping the nut poker hand, especially when one or two others think they have the best hand.

... getting all your work done early, and being able to leave once it's done.

... catching a peek of the cleavage of a beautiful woman.

... figuring out something to post on you blog when you didn't think you had anything to post.


Madame X said...


Nuts flopping in your hand?

Yeah I feel the same way ;)

Sometimes nothing beats a PULL THRU PARKING SPOT!

SignGurl said...

Making a child laugh like crazy has to be the best. There's no way you can feel down after that.

Chrissie said...

extra sleeping... i like that one!

Yay me I finally got some sleep!

terry said...

sounds like a good day all around.

Suze said...

I would love to smell BBQ chicken wafting through the air but our neighbour cooks people on his. LOL The smell is unbelievable and not at all inviting.

I'm with you on the cleavage too. ;)

DZER said...

madame x: those are nice too :)

signgurl: ain't it great to get them just rolling?

chrissie: extra sleeping is one of the best things ever!

terry: just some general observations ... not much of that has happened recently LOL

suze: bad neighor! and your cleavage is top-notch ;)