Tuesday, October 18, 2005


OK; I've been tagged by Chrissie, so here goes:

23rd post, 5th sentence:

"Bad guys are more exciting."

In a post about why so many women don't go for nice guys but for assholes.

Damn I have a lot of posts! Had to dig to find that one! LOL

OK ... the tagees are: my current favorite (not favourite) canadian, Sass, my current favorite tease, everything nice, my current favorite porn reader gigi, and my current favorite guammie girl, jax.


sassinak said...

i forgive you but only because you're an american and webster brainwashed you. and since you're my favourite (not favorite) guamite i guess i'll do the tag :)

DZER said...

seriously ... what's up with all the extra U usage?


sassinak said...

it's NOT extra... removing the u is an americanism and no one else in the world does it.

DZER said...

Well, we like to strip down the extraneous, sometimes ;)