Saturday, October 22, 2005

dzer's little doggie update ...

OK, this one is for all of you (the many three or so) who have been asking me what's the deal with the dog? Where's the puppy? Is your apartment clean yet? What the fuck is wrong with you, you fucking demented bastard?

Sorry, that last one was from a DIFFERENT discussion.

Two things:

1. Just because I bought the stuff doesn't mean I have the dog yet.

2. Yes, I'm aware I'm puppy-tease. But you fucking love it, don't you? ;)

Poker tonight, so if you're feeling dejected or rejected because I'm not commenting on your blog — for the whole five of you who don't totally ignore the blogosphere on the weekends — or because I'm not commenting to the comments you're making regarding my blog ... don't; I'm just off trying to take every dollar I can scratch outta my poker buddies.


Chrissie said...

if you HAVE the stuff.. why DONT you have the dog...

what IS wrong with you??

Seriously... i'd like that list in alphabetical order so we can see if it matches with mine! Hehe

DZER said...

cuz the pound closes at 5 p.m.?

and ya lost me with the list.

kathi said...

Most people get the dog first, then the stuff... Are you this prepared for everything in life?

I just read your comment to Janx and wanted to tell you ~ you are my hero! Well done dzer!

Hope you win some major cash, or at least enough to hit the pound.

murphy said...

ya know.. veterinary technicians can be hot... don't get a dog till the vet tech you work with is hot.. hold out then work the "well this is my first dog.. and well.. uhh... can you help?" seriously... big guy asking for help with a dog.. it's gotta work

gigi said...

I really HATE to agree with Murphy but puppies are chick magnets!

DZER said...

kathi: I tend to be a bit anal-retentive LOL; and as a former cub scout, I like to be prepared.

and thanks ... but don't tell anyone of my secret identity ... Super Editor! *cue theme music*

and I won some ... not sure if $300 and change is "major cash" ... LOL

murphy: I'm gonna wait for the hot animal society volunteer chick, but same principle

gigi: we all hate to agree with murph ... LOL ... and maybe a puppy with reverse the polarity on my chick repelling LOL

Janx said...

Dzer: you know who I am. First let me say that I find it disturbingly (for me) yet deeply satisfying that Kathi can't defend herself and looks to you to do it for her. Unlike correcting people’s grammar – that DOES make me feel superior. You know what I’m talking about.

Second, let me also say that I very much enjoy your blog thus far. Your blog is witty and well-written and you live in f-ing Guam – that’s just cool. I assume that my blog vivisection of your friends will preclude your visiting my own blog regularly – but I may continue to visit yours iffen you don’t mind.

sassinak said...

well she can't be all bad, she said vivisection...

Lindsey said...

Good luck with your poker games...I can't paly to save mylife!

Everything Nice said...

I agree... she used the word vivisection... but she should have just said fucking. She's coo doz.

NNNNOOOOOOOOOO Dont do it!! Dont cross over to the darkside!!!

I tell ya what, after the poker game, I want you to come over and finish shampooing all the smeared dog shit off my carpets, that was NOT left there by the dog. After THAT you can feel free to but the uber-expensive food we HAVE to feed him to keep the gi track in order.

I hope you know what you're in for. I think you do... but. Oh, and another thing... don't bank on the ladies having free reign of your couch, bed or any other flat surface if your dog is large enough to occupy it. And further, if your dog is small, no matter what age.. they bite toes.

Oh, and another good point.. sure, chicks may be puppy magnets. But really put off the second your dog lodges its snout in their crotch.

I can see the bonus points puh-linking away with that one.

Good luck. and you KNOW i adore you. Just my .02 cents, guamian cents that is.

kathi said...

Sweet Janx ~ Though I admittedly majored in journalism in college, my punctuation has always sucked. So, yeah, reading Dzer's comment on your post was pretty damn cool.
However, I refuse to argue or to find pleasure in hurting anyone. Not my style. I do, though, have many, many more weaknesses and if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to email a list of them to you so that you could feel free to insult me to your heart's desire. Just let me know.
Dzer, sorry to waste your space here on this, won't happen again on my part. Promise.

DZER said...

janx: sometimes it's too easy to feel superior; in my case it's because of my blindingly obvious genius. feel free to come on back to sample the greatness that is DZER.

sass: well, it's not the same as pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ... ;)

linny: sorry to hear that ... want to come to the next game? heh

naughty one: well, it's not like I'm beating away the ladies with a stick now, let alone having them in the apartment. Also, no carpet here, thank god. and I think it's just time for a puppy.

kathi: no space wasted, darlin' ... not like they're charging me by the inch count! LOL ... and I was a journalism major too!! *secret reporter handshake*

sassinak said...

uh do i get bonus points if i can tell you what that means without looking it up?

and why?

DZER said...

of course you get bonus point ... but how did I know that you knew it?