Monday, October 17, 2005

A little bit of contentment on a Sunday evening …

It was a pretty lazy Sunday for me. I slept in until around 10 a.m. (after going to sleep around 3:30 a.m.). I got up, checked out my blog and a few other blogs, then figured there was no reason for me to be awake, so I went back to my cozy bed. Yes, I am a lazy fucker. So what? It’s Sunday!

So I finally rolled outta bed for good around 1 p.m. Had a big bowl of Grape Nuts cereal that had been soaking in milk for like 20 minutes. Did a little bit of blog reading and commenting, as well as a few little household chores. Then decided to go to the movies — “Waiting” because I didn’t want a deep, thinking movie; just wanted a few laughs. And yes, as juvenile and immature as the jokes were, it was just what I needed.

I came home, but my ISP was down — they had problems all afternoon, so I went into work. Yes, it’s Sunday. But I wanted a bit of Internet, and I also figured I’d knock out some advance work so my Monday would be one of those ideal come-to-work-at-10-a.m.-have-a-two-hour-lunch-and-still-be-outta-the-office-before-5-p.m. days. Only spent about an hour and a half there, but got a lot done.

By then it was closing in on 9 p.m., so I decided to get some food. I drove down to Tumon, which is the primary tourist area of Guam, because I didn’t feel like eating at any of my usual haunts around where I live. Somehow, I ended up at Crazy Horse, which is not a restaurant — it’s a strip club.

And you know what? I met a great girl there! (Cue the gasps of surprise) Her name’s Yvette, she’s about 5’8” or so, dark skin, a beautiful and angular face with large eyes, a pointy nose and very soft lips. She has long hair in these thin, tight braids. She’s thin, small breasted but with a nice, round, firm ass.

I was sitting in a booth for about a minute when she came running up, slid around the booth from the other side and snuggled up against me. “It’s cold! I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” I replied. We chatted a bit as I watched the dancer on stage. And yes, as an experienced and knowledgeable strip-club patron, I bought her a drink. We chatted some more and then it was her turn on stage, so I moved there.

Over the course of three songs and about $5 in ones, I got her tits in my face twice (small tits but amazing stiff nipples!!), my hands up and down her legs, sides and ass (hence the knowing it was firm; I wish she would have shaven her legs all the way down to the ankles — my only complaint). I got to kiss the space between her tits, along down her taut tummy, and even a smidge lower. I got kissed several times — on the cheeks, the forehead, the tip of my nose (several times; very cute), my neck and ears. I also got a little hot breath and tongue on both ears, as well as a few wet nibbles and bites. I got her body rubbed up against mine, had my nipples teased and groped a bit through my shirt. Oh, and her nails across my back several times … rawr!!

I can still smell her light, floral scent on me. *happy sighs*

After her set, she came out and sat with me for two more dancers — and yes, one more drink — and we had a great chat. The girl on stage was dancing to some Tupac, so we started talking about the VH-1 Hiphop Honors and old-school rap and she was amazed at my Run-DMC knowledge. They were my favorite group in high school, when all I listened to was rap, R&B and dance club music. We even traded lyrics and talked about other old-school rap groups.

I left a little before 10 p.m., rewarded with several kisses on my cheek, and several of my kisses on her cheek, and I told her I’d be back to visit her soon.

It was pretty much just what I needed.

Then I went to one of my fave restaurants, Shirley’s in Tamuning, and had one of my favorite comfort foods — deep-fried pork chops and steamed white sticky rice.

So, basically, a night that left me very contented and happy.

I know it was pretty much just a purchased contented-ness, but who the fuck cares? I know the stripper isn’t really all that in to me, that she wouldn’t date me in real life, and that Yvette is only her stage name. But that doesn’t diminish the good time I had.

I was feeling a little lonely and wanted some female contact and I got it — legally, to boot. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a good-smelling, soft woman snuggled up against you, leaning into you, talking to you close and quiet. It’s nice to get a little physical affection and attention. Her wrapping her arm around mine while we sat, then intertwining fingers with my when my other hand went on top of hers … that was just nice. It felt good. I’m not deluding myself and neither is she. Yes, it’s a business transaction, but it’s a friendly, pleasant and pleasurable business transaction.

What do you single ladies do when you just want a little no-string attention, contact or affection? I know you don’t go to male strippers, because I’ve seen that scene and it’s totally not about affection and cuddling and shit! LOL … But seriously, what do you do? Call up an ex? Visit with a friend, or a friend with benefits? A gay guy pal? If you just want to have someone (of the opposite sex anyway, or else you could just hit the strip clubs too!) talk to you, treat you with affection, be focused on you and what you’re saying, what options are open to you? I can’t think of anything — you’re pretty much shit out of luck, aren’t you? Unless there is something out there we guys aren’t told about?

Guys are lucky. Strip clubs, and strippers, provide those services. And it’s really not all that more expensive than a date, when it comes down to it, plus you don’t have all the date issues to worry about — sexual expectations, nervousness about whether they like you, wondering how they’re perceiving you, etc. Yes, only a real date will lead to a more serious relationship, but what if you only want a little bit, a taste, of affection and closeness, for just a short amount of time? If you’re a guy, you can go to a good strip club — at least you can here — and get that. Plus, you get to see beautiful naked women too … and you get to touch them!!

Here’s the breakdown for me tonight, in terms of money:

• Two beers for myself: MGD on special, $3 each. Total $6.
• Two drink orders for Yvette: she had a shot of vodka with a side of Red Bull (no sugar) both times, $20 each. Total: $40.
• Tips for waitress: $6.
• Tips for Yvette: $5.
• Tips for two other strippers: $4.
• Grand total: $61.

Feeling of contentedness and happiness: Well, not priceless, but definitely worth the $61. Hell, MORE than worth it.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Ancient Chamorro men were reknowned for their height and fitness. Spanish explorers frequently were in awe of their displays of strength. Poor, weak Europeans. Too bad they had swords, guns and disease on their side.


sassinak said...

personally i snuggle with one of my gay friends but VERY rarely... otherwise no touching or affection unless i'm dating someone or i'm snuggling with my sister.

so yeah

bupkus. thanks for pointing that out *sigh*

DZER said...

sorry darlin' ... if it's any consolation, it wasn't pointed out to rub in, just to fill an information gap ;)

sassinak said...

well really i don't think there's really anything you can do save cuddle up with your gal pals and that's fully unsatisfying.

i know a gay guy i know that necks with his gal friends but that's too weird for me.

DZER said...

ya poor thing ... and I guess flying out to Guam every time you needed a quality snuggle ... or me flying to Toronto for the same ... is beyond practical for poor folks such as us ;)

gigi said...

Wouldn't it be
"Small tits but amazingly stiff nipples"
I've got a hard on for adverbs.

Anyhow, what do we girls do when we need a little affection, a little snuggling, a little attention? Me? Since my gay best friend is uptight and freaks out evertime I try to kiss him, I mostly break down, cry, eat large quantities of chocolate and wish that Mr. Buzzy had arms.

Crap! I just made myself depressed. Where did I put those Snickers Bars?

gigi said...

Wait a second!! She didn't shave her legs? That's just wrong and more proof that I am the perfect woman!! Everyday, baby! All the way up and all the way down.

I am so grossed out right now, I think I threw up a little.

DZER said...

gigi: ah ... the therapy of chocolate! and if mr. buzzy had arms, that would be freaky LOL

sorry about the depression ...

and her upper legs were shaved, but I got a little stubble on the calves ... so I kept my hands up higer ... but your'e right! in her industry, she should be super smooth at all times!!

gigi said...

Yeah! Please, dear god, tell me she had a bikini wax. Maybe you shouldn't tell me.

gigi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DZER said...

gigi: she was smooth everywhere else but the lower legs ;)

sassinak said...


and yeah... i forgot copious amounts of peanut butter chocolate ice cream, eclats de cafe dark chocolate and chips!

DZER said...

sass: thanks! now I'm all hungry!!

SignGurl said...

I was so into RUN DMC in high school. I think my favorite rap was U B Illin'. I still sing it to my kids who think (no, they know) I'm insane.

"Dinner, you ate it, there is none left, it was salty with butter and it was def, you proceeded to eat it 'cause you was in the mood, but homes you did not know it was a can of dog food! U B Illin'!

DZER said...

That was the exact lyric the stripper rapped to me! LOL

gigi said...

Damn I read your last comment so fast I thought you said the lyric stripper raped me.

I swear, I sooo need to get laid.

SignGurl said...

Maybe I AM THE STRIPPER! heh heh heh

It's Tricky To Rock A Rhyme

DZER said...

to rock a ryhme that's right on time it's tricky
tricky tricky tricky tricky

I met this little girlie
hey jenn is your hair real curly? ;)

gigi: you and me both darlin' .. you and me both!

SignGurl said...

It depends on what "hair" you are talkin' about!

"Dissolution ends all your woes
your ups, your downs,
your highs and your lows,
Did you tell me last time that love bought your clothes?
It's like that, and that's the way it is, huh!"