Tuesday, October 18, 2005

where is everyone?

I hate it when I come home for lunch and no one's around. I mean shit ... I should have just gone out to eat!

And you know what? I am!

Thai food!

Screw you guys!


sassinak said...

i hate when i write a post and noone comments
it always makes me wonder what's wrong with the post

so yeah *grin*

DZER said...

I worry about days like today, when I have multiple posts. I worry that most people read the top one and don't bother with the others ... or that even some don't bother with the others ... but I don't want to wait to give everyone sufficient time with the old post before I post a new post ... bleah.

I'm experience self-induced blogdrama.

TequilaGirl said...


DZER said...

oh sure ... NOW you're here!


sassinak said...

dzer: me too i always wonder 'should i wait a bit longer to post again or...?'

DZER said...

just look at me yesterday-today ... post crazy!