Tuesday, December 13, 2005

one more prezzie pic ..

... little montage of three more I wrapped last night :)

the one on the left looks killer in real life. I need to figure out some better lighting ... should ask the photogs at work ... make a little mini studio in my bedroom ... could then use it to help strippers with the "portfolios" ... and then could put up a few poles in the second bedroom ... in case they need practice space ... heh

I keeeeeeel me. heh.


murphy said...

i seriously think you need to run with that thought..

i mean it's people helping people right there..

umm.. 'paying it forward' even...


DZER said...

I knew you would see the altruistic parts of my endeavor ... heh

Natalia said...

You know now they have these "stripper" classes... not to learn how to strip really but the moves are supposed to be awesome for you.


darker_shade_of_me said...

I love pole work! It's a great workout! Burns lots of calories!

Why are you smirking like that? I just said "pole work"....oh! *giggle*

Well, THAT kind of pole work is lots of fun too! And a great workout. And burns calories....Hee!

sassinak said...

natalia: it looks like a great workout. i keep meaning to try it but i'm sorta busy

dzer: you keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel me whenever you say that you keeeeeeeeeeel you :)

Shay said...

They look great!! ^_^

I think the adult "actress" portfolio idea sounds like a good way to put your extra space to good use!

DZER said...

nat: true! thus I could lure in the "non-professionals." great idea!!

darker shade: I'm sure I wouldn't mind watching either way you choose to work a pole ;)

sass: i'd love to see you on a pole ... ;)

and it keeeeeeeeeels me that I keeeeeeeeel you when I say that I keeeeeeeeeel me ... LOL

shay: thanks darlin'! ... and how did I know you would be on board for my sexcapades plans? ;)

Grace said...

Once again, beautiful wrapping job!
Oh, and thanks for the link... and for the visit to graceland (I'll be sure to find a track of Amazing Grace {played on bagpipes} to play on my blog for the next time you drop by) ;)

DZER said...

grace: thanks, doll ... and howzabout you just serenade me? ;)

SignGurl said...

I can work a pole like a pro, a sign pole, *giggle*.

Nice wrap job!

DZER said...

jenn: work the pole, darlin'!! and thanks! *smooches*

Natalia said...


Yeah, well...at my current weight I think if I tries on of those stripper classes I'd look completely out of place... but give us time *wink*