Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"what if" moments ...

There are key moments in every person's life at which a decision is made that affects their lives from there on out. And not all of these life-changing choices are big deals. I'm not talking necessarily about the more notable things in life — which college to go to, keep the baby or not, quit the job or stay, move to a new town or stay where you're at.

No, I mean the things that don't seem critical or crucial until after you make the decision. Or until days or weeks or months or years later.

What if ...

... I would have stuck with my training regimen from ninth-grade football throughout high school when I moved to Guam? Could I have played at a big-time college program? Could I have made the pros?

... I didn't try to be the tough guy in front of my friends and had just let that insult slide? What if I had avoided that fight that fucked up my shoulder? How much pain and suffering would that have avoided?

... I had kissed her on the night of the dance instead of being afraid and just driving her home? Why didn't I ask her to be my girlfriend first?

... I would have ignored the woman I met online who turned out to be a total nutjob lying opportunistic greedy whore instead of hooking up with her for far too long?

... I would have met a certain person a year earlier? What if I had done more to make that work? What if I had made sure she visited me before him?

... I never had gone to the strip club that night? What if I had never offered her a place in my home? How much money would I still have left? LOL

... I had gone to the wedding?

... I had jumped in the pond that day in grade school? Would I have rescued him? Or would I have drowned too?

... my mom and I had left a couple hours earlier to pick up Pop? Would we have been on time to save him?

It really doesn't pay to think about these kinds of things too often or too deeply. But sometimes I do.

The early HNT from GUAM!
Yes, it's Wednesday for most of you. But for me it's almost Thursday. Enjoy!

As if! LMAO

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• What if the ancient Chamorros would have slaughtered every European ship and explorer that set foot on Guam or any other Micronesian island?


gigi said...

Now I have a bruise on my forehead from trying to look up and see what you're doing!

DZER said...


I love yer naughty mind ... so in sync with mine at times ;)

gigi said...

Yeah but I think I imploded that gigantic pimple on my forehead. I've got a headache now!

DZER said...

aww ... poor baby ... *smoocherinos*

gigi said...

missed a spot, *lifts tiny white tshirt*

Suze said...

If I just click there...and scroll.

Oh, Dzer you are just a big tease.

I hope you have submited your picture to Em. LOL.

murphy said...

finally someone takes a pic of themselves sitting on the can! kudos my friend kudos!!

and try not to think to much.. shit just gets you in trouble

kathi said...

...and I wasn't all that greedy!!

Chrissie said...

lol nice. You have really big.. feet, which i guess is good... makes it so you dont tip over easily.

and LOL @ Chermu ref.

If you had we wouldnt have had so much fun at her expense over the years. :D

Or... maybe we would have. She was a HUGE... well she was just HUGE.

Everything Nice said...

Hmmm. DOZR. Hindsight is 20/50... do NOT ever look back sweet heart.

It is bad for the soul. Bad bad bad bad bad.

Overthinking, overanalyzing seperates the body from the mind.

Face forward and walk on into the great unknown without ever questioning what if.

gigi said...

Walk on, walk on,
with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone
you never walk alone!

murphy said...

listening to Gig completely made me want to break into Never Surrender by Corey Hart.. woohoooo

~Deb said...

On a serious note---I totally believe that you are where you're supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason, yada yada fricken yada. But you are so right- those little tiny decisions are really what maps out your life. What an interesting post! I love this.

Your HNT pic is priceless!

gigi said...

Murph-Corey Hart twice in one week?


murphy said...

i used to be an overly sensitive guy in the late 80's... i could relate to his huge mullet also

Steppin' On Toes said...

Great post. The what ifs in my life are plentiful as well, but what counts is that you survived past all of these things and turned out the way you did. An important thing to remember is that sometimes it's best to not regret a thing. Things happen for a reason.

<3 Jax

sugarpunk said...

omg.. DZ dont do this to me..

seriously.. i know all about living the what if game... i live it a LOT!!!

what if i had walked away the first time i got hit?... would i have been someone different?

Alex said...

Inspired HNT pic. Definitely appeals to my British sense of humour, "me old mukka" (in best cock-aney accent.

You D man Dzer.

Wenchy said...

What if's.... I could get lost on that subject...

Happy early half nekkid thursday?! :)

DZER said...

suze: me? A tease? Hmmm … could be … LOL

murph: I hear ya on the thinking thing

kathi: if you only knew who I was talking about there and the situation LOL

chrissie: thanks darlin’! You know what they say: big feet … big .. shoes ;)

and no shit, huh? LOL

naughty one: hmm … what if I did exactly what you suggest? LOL

gigi: thanks hon *smooch*

deb: glad you liked it hon … the post and the hnt ;)

gigi: you and murph need to get a room … heh

jax: thanks darlin’ … regrets? I’ve had a few … but then again … too few to mention ;)

sugarpunk: OK! Undoing anything I might have done to you!

alex: thanks gov! Your wife … is she a “goer,” eh? Does she “go?” Wink, wink, nudge, nudge … you know what I mean?

wenchy: glad you chose to get a little lost here at the Diatribe … and thanks!!

SignGurl said...

What if we didn't have Dzer to entertain us?

Boring world without you. :-)

DZER said...

jenn: awww .. such a sweetie ... *smooches*

Grace said...

I agree with the rest of the posts. So many things can go wrong in life, but in the end, it's important to realize how great you have it right now. It's our experiences (whether good or bad) are what make us unique and special. And, that you are Dzer!

Just a question: How in the world did you take that picture?

DZER said...

amazinggrace: yes, I AM DZER! heh

and would you believe ... HNT elves? LOL

Shay said...

Nice shoes! Very shiny.

I try not to linger on the what-ifs, becsause there's nothing you can do about them, except try to live so that you don't wonder "what-if"

However, that was the thing I liked in that movie "Sliding Doors", I would love to see what would have happened if I had made certain decisions differently - just to see a glimsp, like watching a little movie.

Mike said...

I think we all have 'what if' moments...sometimes more than we care to admit

DZER said...

shay: thanks, I try to keep my shoes nice and bright ;)

and I really liked "Sliding Doors" and the way it did show how just one little, and seemingly insignificant, difference can result in a whole bunch of big differences :)

mike: that's too true ...

crscntmoon said...

what if I'd never touched a computer?

DZER said...

crscntmoon: nice one ... what if I never learned to use my tongue to lick and tease and taunt and pleasure a woman over and over and over again? ;)

gigi said...

DAYAAAAAMN! And I was just about to head off to bead too!

guess I gotta get out Peter!


Oh So Wonderful said...

Re: RGFOTD...well that's easy - we wouldn't be here today.

Having your belt at your ankles...that's a prerequisite for getting to truly know me. You gotta learn to walk with your pants down when you're around me.

DZER said...

oh so wonderful: ok ... that's scary! especially since I'm one of those guys who "goes commando" ... LMAO