Tuesday, December 13, 2005

vote who DZER most resembles!!

A little bit of fun and frivolity for your Tuesday blogging pleasure:

It's time to play that classic game — Who Does DZER Look Like?!?

OK ... not so much "classic" as fun.

OK ... not so much "fun" as "didn't have anything else creative to blog about today.

Geez. You people can suck the fun out of ... Fun Fucking Fridays at Fun-Land ... or something similarly fun.

You all know that I'm a big guy. OK, technically I'm fat.

You all know that I keep my head shaved, at least you do if you've looked an any of my pics. I'm not bald, just shaven-headed.

That combination often evokes imagery of other famous fat, shaven-headed folks.

On any given day, someone comes up to me and asks me if I'm related to one of the following three people:
Buddha, left; Curly, center; and Uncle Fester, right.

Seriously, if you couldn't identify these three cultural icons, you have no business being on my blog. Or anyone's blog. Or on a computer, for the love of Pete. Pete who? Are you fucking kidding me? You don't know Pete? That's it. Leave. NOW!!!

Whew. Excuse me there. I think I need some meds. LOL

OK ... and now for the comparisons:

So what do you think? Am I a Buddha-Belly Baby? A Crunky Kickin' Curly? Or a Fucking Freaky Fester?

Your vote counts! Vote early, vote often!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
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grainne said...

I can’t pick any of those three…I already have a mental image of you!

Vin Diesel…. normally he would not turn me on…over muscled but he has an amazing mind and after watching him on Bravo’s actors studio, he became one of my favorite actors. I wouldn’t mind licking either of your freshly shaved bald heads…~L~ but I swear I am not into the eyeball sucking thing!!

DZER said...

grainne: OK ... if/when I get stateside ... not only will I let you lick the freshly shaven skull (among other things) ... but I will let you shave it too ;)

kathi said...

Normally, I wouldn't think of any of the 3 when I think of you, cutie! However, with the poses you gave and pics you gave us to choose from, I gotta go with that buddah guy. Still, I don't think buddah has anywhere near the fan base as the one and only DZER . :)

castufari said...

I'm leaning towards Curly only because I really don't want to rub your belly for good luck (I'll leave that to the ladies).

I might go for the Bic on Thursday so we'll have similar 'dos.

gigi said...

Sydney Greenstreet.

DZER said...

kathi: hmm ... I think Buddha might have a FEW more followers ... or else no one's told me about DZERISM as the new fab religion? LOL

castu: woob-woob-woob!! and go for the shaved skull look dude ... also, nice new profile pic!!

gigi: oooh ... big bonus points for you darlin' ... especially since greenstreet was in Casablanca!!

... As the leader of all illegal activities in Casablanca, I am an influential and respected man.

Mike said...

Well....of the 3 examples given I'll give the nod to curly.

But how about Hoss?

DZER said...

mike: nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!! Hoss? Yer going all Bonanza on me, little Joe with a moustache? LOL

murphy said...

i'm going with Buddah - BOY DOWN BEFORE BUDDAH! bring him gifts of strippers and panties! throw in some flowers to make him feel special even

and wtf with the "i'm not bald" line! you neeeeeeeeeded to clarify that huh - just fuckin attack the bald guys.. what a dickhead.. sheesh

some buddah you are!

DZER said...

murphy: thanks pard ... and not my fault you can't grow hair on yer head LOL

~Deb said...

Noooooo...wait....*looking again*......I think you're sporting a good looking "Fester"---without the dark rings around his eyes. In fact, I like your third picture!

I have to agree with ~^wacky Kathi~^ over there--that none of these guys resemble you---it was your pose that did it...

DZER said...

deb: awww ... thanks hon ... I think ... *puts lightbulb in mouth*


Alex said...

All three DZer.

Budha 'cos you look like him and your're a jolly, kind guy.

Curly, 'cos you're hilarious.

Fester, 'cos you look at the world in an ever-so-slightly-different way from the rest of us.


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Buddah, I think.

I also volunteer to lick your head. Bald...mmmmmmmmmmm.

DZER said...

alex: good answer, mate!

alwaysarousedgirl: blessed be you ... lick away ... and hey ... wanna rub my belly for luck? LOL

gigi said...

Put a Fez on him! It's Sydney Greenstreet!

"Might as well be frank, monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles."

DZER said...

gigi: what are you willing to pay to get out of Casablanca, my little chickadee? ;)

gigi said...

~_^ Anything, Singor Ferrari, anything.

Steppin' On Toes said...

LOL. I loved this post. The resemblances were funny as hell.

da buttah said...

i still say you look like farve from super troopers :)

sassinak said...

john candy

Chrissie said...

Well... I thought buddah.. though hes chubbier or something, none of them look perfect *L* But you did well making your eyes look like his...

B says you should have used ashes or something under your eyes... if you did THAT you would look most like fester. lol

Curly just has too much hair.

THERE I posted! Sheesh!! Attention Whore!

DZER said...

gigi: oooh!!

jax: so glad to provide you with amusement ;)

buttah: that was a funny movie! and I'm not sure if that was a compliment! LOL

sassinak: one of my fave all-time overweight actors. Uncle Buck is one of my top comedies ever ... and, of course, he was Canadian, right? LOL

chrissie: aww .. I have buddha eyes! yer soooo sweet ... come here and rub my belly! and tell B I'll get right on the ashes thing. and you're so sweet for posting *pinching ya* ... and I'm a whore of all seasons ;)

gigi said...

Was Candy Canadian? I thought he was from Chicago?

I may be wrong...usually am.

DZER said...

maybe I'm just confused because of the whole SCTV thing LOL

gigi said...

John Candy born October 31, 1951
Toranto Canada.

DZER said...

gigi: whew! good to know I'm right! LOL

I guess you thought Chicago because that's where Second City was based out of?

sassinak said...

i'm sorry
but it's toronto :)

Shay said...

I vote buddha!! ^_^

darker_shade_of_me said...

You're a hotness that is all your own, dollface!!

Grace said...

lol, great pics! I also am going to to vote for your Buddha pose... I mean, you got the eyes and the dimples to match his.

Aww, I want to watch Summer Rental now... I love John Candy

DZER said...

sass: you say toronto, we'll say toranto. toronto! toranto! toranto! toronto! let's call the whole thing off!!

shay: may you reach sexual nirvana ;)

darker shade: why thank you, my bouncing, jiggling vixen *one happy spank*

amazinggrace: no one's ever said I had Buddha's dimples before ... guess I will need some robes and incense now ... LOL

and john candy rocks!!

gigi said...

Shit! sorry Sass, I typed that late last night PLEASE FORGIVE me.

DZER said...

sass: gigi is a known anti-Canadian! she sings "Blame Canada" from the "South Park" movie all the time!!! LOL

terry said...

i'm going with buddha, but you're cuter than all of 'em!

DZER said...

terry: thanks, doll!! ain't you a sweetie! *smooch*

Tara Tainton said...

Wow...that's the most funny and disturbing thing I've ever seen. How can one person resemble all three icons? You must be very special. ;)

I vote for Buddha! Definitely the closest resemblance. :)


DZER said...

thanks, darlin' ... and I am a man of many faces ... as long as they're fat and have no hair ;)

may nirvana be yours, little one ... *buddha belly rubs*