Friday, February 03, 2006

what are the things that make you happy?

I don't care what anyone says — no one is happy ALL the time. How could any person always have the same emotional state, non-stop? Even if it were possible, how would anyone know they were happy all the time — there would be no basis for comparison.

In fact, I don't think happiness is all that persistent of a state. How long can one person be happy? I mean continuously happy. You're super happy and are out driving ... oncoming car in your lane! You swerve to avoid! Fear, terror and other feelings flash though you. Even something less drastic can make you feel a different way, even if for just a brief time — a photograph or song brings up a sad memory, or a wistful one.

Anyway, I guess my point is that happiness is short little bursts of feeling. Sometimes it lingers for a while, or positively colors the rest of your afternoon or even the whole day.

So what are the things that give you those little shiny, happy bursts of good and joyful feelings?

Here are some of mine (note — this is FAR from a complete list):

• A winning poker hand ... better yet a winning night of poker.

• A kiss on the lips from a woman.

• Holing a 20-foot putt.

• Hitting a perfect golf shot — a long sweeping drive, a punched 7-iron under the trees, a wedge to a foot from the hole.

• Hugging my godsons. Rough-housing with them.

• Finding a book I've been waiting to read for ages.

• A wonderful, sumptuous meal.

• A perfect cup of coffee after said meal.

• The first, long, exquisitely delicious draw of smoke from a cigarette after said meal — which I haven't experienced in more than 15 months. Fuck!

• Sinking into a mattress covered in pillows when I'm super tired and needing sleep.

• A glimpse of cleavage.

• An eyeful of a shapely, long leg through the slit of a long skirt.

• Making someone laugh.

• Finding an awesome parking place at a crowded shopping center.

• Watching the Three Stooges.

• Waking up and finding a beautiful woman next to me in the bed, snuggled against my chest.

• Completing the Sunday crossword puzzle.

• A nice, long, hot bath.

• Winning ... anything, pretty much. Heh.

And now ... for a bit more shiny happy goodness:

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The Chamorro word for smile is chiche'.


Madame X said...

Knowing by looking into his eyes that he wants you as much as you want him.

Brand new notebooks.

Finding money in your pocket when you're past broke and you think you may have to prostitute yourself to pay for your kids school lunch.

kathi said...


my kids laughter

sleeping in late

the ocean

a pair of great fitting jeans

and, again, rain

DZER said...

madame x: look deep into my eyes ... heh

ooh! and I LOVE new notebooks!!

kathi: sometimes rain is an upper for me, sometimes a downer ... but sleeping in late? ALWAYS a happy thing!

One of the Girls said...

Laughter (making someone laugh or someone making me laugh or hearing kids laughing)

taking a nap on a rainy Sunday

Rolling over and putting my hand on his chest while he's sleeping

Leaving for Vacation (especially to a tropical Island in the Carribean)

My mom's Apple Bread

a bookstore

shopping when I have flexibility in my budget

putting your hand on someone's belly and feeling a baby kick (not mine) HAH!

I know there's more.....

Chrissie said...

Mostly happy is the best ya can hope for *smooch* I am usually mostly happy.

And that pic... i swear you have more pics of me than I do *L* I do not remember that one?

LOL I love that vid!

Natalia said...

Hmmm I try to find happiness in everything I can. We do enough to make ourselves unhappy, might as well work against the odds :)


DZER said...

one of the girls: nice list ... bookstores are good

chrissie: yes ... *smooch*

and I have a set of that one ... like 5 pics ... heh ... delicious!!!

shiny happy monsters laughing!

natalia: you're getting all Zen on me with that one ... LOL

terry said...

what a great list...! i might have to steal this idea...

murphy said...

cleavage and REM.. really not something you see together that often

DZER said...

terry: steal away, darlin'!!

murphy: shiny happy boobies jigglin' ... heh

Steppin' On Toes said...

Good post beb. You're friggin right. People who are forever happy have botox written all over their face.

DZER said...

jax: not only that ... they're big liars! heh ...

and don't get me started on the peppy folks ... grrrrr ....

SignGurl said...

Is this your metaphor for sex, "Holing a 20-foot putt"?

I keeeellll myself!

I always try to be happy on the outside. Doesn't mean the insides match.

crscntmoon said...

how 'bout landing the new job you've been working so hard to get but never really thought would happen?
that's my happy thought for the day, personally

ell said...

getting the part you've been dying for.

a soft kiss in the moonlight.

a baby laughing.

watching puppies play.

my slow jams.

being with my friends.

a hug.

Chrissie said...

HUh. I swear I dont even recall the pics lol send em to me i'm curious! You would think i'd remember. lol

grainne said...

You really want to know what sort of things make me happy? You asked for it…

laughter of my children, of my friends, of a stranger

being able to do something for someone that makes them happy

crystal blue skies with big white fluffy clouds

in the spring, taking a blanket into the back yard in the middle of the night, laying down under one of the orange trees…the smell of the blossoms and the falling of the snowy white petals

the caress of a lover

watching a man shower

the purring of a cat

being cuddled when I sleep

long hot bubble baths by candlelight

the satisfaction that comes from doing a job well

I am normally a pretty content / happy person...I would drive ya nuts in no time at all.

DZER said...

jenn: not quite 20 feet ;) ... and screw fake happiness! enjoy the short moments of real happiness :)

crscntmoon: yes ... that's a good one

ell: nice list! so if your slow jams are playing right after you get the role you wanted and someone hugs you and gives you a soft kiss in the moonlight ...

chrissie: LOL ... I'll see what I can do ;)

grainne: that's a pretty good list of happiness things ... some nice things there :)

Mike said...

Well....Hot water in the shower is always a plus.

My kid actually restocking the fridge with pepsi...when he takes the last cold one out always moves me to tears also.

Blog hopping can be pleasant.

The company of a woman...who doesn't happen to be your mother, sister, aunt....(you get the picture)....isn't a bad thing either.

yep, it's me.... said...

well that made me pretty happy :) and it's nice on the other end of waking up snuggles againt someone's chest

yep, it's me.... said...

well that made me pretty happy :) and it's nice on the other end of waking up snuggles againt someone's chest

Grace said...

This may sound really scary, but I really do know a girl who is ALWAYS happy! I'm not kidding here... everytime I run into her, everytime I talk to her, she's always skipping around enjoying her perfectly serene life. Grrrr, her MSN nicknames piss me off...

ell said...

ah dzer, it would be heavenly!!!

Shay said...

those monsters are noisy!!!

excellent clip sweety!