Wednesday, March 08, 2006

oh kathi ... last time, I promise ... heh

Lookit all those 1's!! Heh ... 9 in a row!!
I'm the putting master!
Although this score would have been lower
if it weren't for the 3 on 17,
where I almost always shoot a 2.
I admit it ... I got a little cocky.
But lookit the score ... how could I not? LOL

For those interested, the game is here:
mini putt


Mike said...

lol...Atta boy...way to say "In your face kathi" huh?

Although she is a sweetheart.

Helluva score dude...the best I could manage was a 31.

SignGurl said...

Oh dear God, no! I can't go there! I've got enough addictions.

David said...

Hey that is a fun game. I scored...damn...I forgot to write it down before I left a comment. I have to play again. LOL

DZER said...

mike: she's gonna be maaaaad! LOL ... and what can I say? I rock computer putt-putt ... now ... if I could only putt like that on a real course! LOL

signgurl: come to the dark side!! LOL

david: suuuuuuuure ya did ... LOL ... and I haven't seen anyone yet who could play just once!

David said...

That would be a 49 for my 2nd game.

Grace said...

66 is a good score right? lol, fine it sucks, but did I mention I've never ever played golf in my entire life?!

kathi said...

You ass. I've said it before and apparently I can't say it enough. I don't get it, I mean really. HOW do you score a one on 14 & 18? And 17 always messes me up too. I can't do those against the grain things...HELP. My lowest is 30, how can I possibly be happy with that now?
I'm beginning to enjoy you living in GUAM.

terry said...

not. even. gonna. try.

DZER said...

david: I'm more interested in how many times you play the game, ultimately LOL

amazinggrace: it's OK sweetie ... heh

kathi: I'm an ass who shot 23, babycakes! LMAO ... as for 14 and 18, do you really want me to tell you? heh. I'm surprised you didn't reference hole 8, which is a par 4, which I scored a 1 in ... woohoo!! To quote Charlie Daniels: "Now come on back if you ever wanna try again, cuz I told you once you (sweet lil' lady) I'm the best that's ever been!" ... LOL

terry: awww ... c'mon ... try ;)

kathi said...

YES I WANT YOU TELL ME!!!! Do you think I'd kid about this stupid game??? NO.

terry said...

no! i suck at things like this! i can't handle the humiliation.