Saturday, March 11, 2006

sorry kathi ... it had to be done ... heh

Yes folks ... a 21 ... only three shots
from making
a hole in one on EVERY hole.
And on two of those 2's,
I was just a smidge away
from making a hole in one.

hee hee!!

Kathi ... lemme know the holes
on which you need my help for
the little tips and tricks.

All bow down to the online putt-putt master!



Chrissie said...

lol i had a game almost as good... until i hit.. 17? i dunno the one with the fucking windmill... lmao i got like 10

DZER said...

patience must you have! LOL

and yeah ... one hole can really screw you up ...

she's gonna call me an ass, I can just tell! LOL

and you can grip my putter any time, little lady ;)

Mike said...

You best I could manage was a 27....and a lot of games were played to manage that.

DZER said...

mike ... 27 is a BAD game for me ... heh

It must be my natural talent for golf ... not!

It's just geometry and trig class FINALLY paying off LOL

Chrissie said...

blah blah blah.. fuck off lol I bet you use paper to line up your shots like you used to when you would try to beat me at pool hehe

DZER said...

chrissie: it's all in the eye, dollface ... no paper needed ... plus, I have most of the shots memorized ... all about the right spot and the right speed ... hmmm ... that's the trick to a LOT of things, come to think about it ... heh


SignGurl said...

Damn you D! Now I'm gonna have to go play!

About your post below, that has to be my favorite line from Peaceful Easy Feeling.

I like the way your sparkling earring lay, against your skin so brown
and I wanna sleep with you
in the desert tonight
with a billion stars all around
'cause I gotta peaceful easy feeling
and I know you won't let me down
'cause I'm already standing on the
ground....I'm swooning now!

Don't get me started on The Doors!

Suze said...

Dzer, I feel left out. What are you playing? Is it golf? I'd like one putting in my hole as its Friday night. LOL.

kathi said...

I'm going to save my comment till after I get my help. You have no idea how hard it is to bite my tongue...or to control my fingers...whatever.
I need help on all the ones with that dark and light shaded crap on them. 17, 18 and I think it's 14. I get a hole in one on most of the rest.

DZER said...

14: place the ball on the far, top left. aim for just right of the hole. pull back till the yellow is between the fourth and fifth rows of down arrow. fire.

17: crapshoot. take an angle and pull back far and fire. hope it goes in. LOL

18: place ball at top left, as far front as you can go. pull back at a slight angle until the yellow dot is just short and right of the hole. It will look like the ball might clip the side of the gray bar, but it will slide by. release and hear the "clunk."

good luck, darlin'!!

Chrissie said...

*raised eyebrow* speed and spot... pressure and please GOD dont stop until I say so!

DZER said...