Thursday, March 09, 2006

a sonnet from past days ...

beauteous banquet

I am famished, at the table of your beauty,
and in awe at the sumptuous spread before me;
a veritable feast of my favorite delicacies:
your warm smile, the hint of laughter in your eyes,
the slope of your nose and arch of your brow,
the apples in your cheeks and beckoning lips;
I behold a fiesta of decadent delights,
the curvaceous legs and welcoming thighs,
your ample, succulent breasts so full and firm,
the taut, smooth belly and irresistable rump.

I am at a loss of where to start my repast;
I know only that I shall dine, a gourmand
rapaciously reveling in all that you offer,
never sated and always craving another taste.
image from Robb Debenport

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• When the U.S. Navy governed Guam, people could not come to, or leave, the island without a Navy security clearance. President John F. Kennedy lifted the security clearance in the 1960s.


Natalia said...

I love it when I open your blog at work and there is a naked woman. Sheesh I need to be careful with you!!! ROTFL! :)


DZER said...

at least it's a beautiful naked woman! LOL

and with poetry ... that makes it art! LMAO

murphy said...

didn't read a fuckin thing you typed... HOT PIC!

DZER said...

what was that? I'm still ogling the pic myself!

Hubris said...

mmmmm naked.

brain no worky now.

thanks a pant load.

DZER said...

hedonist: hey ... no charge LOL

Chrissie said...

i'd do her :)

Familiar poetry... hmm ;)

DZER said...

I'd watch you do her ... heh

and thought you might recognize it ... next time, I won't bother with a miscellaneous pic downloaded from the net ;)


Hubris said...

uh... I gotta go to the bathroom. BRB

Crimson said...

Wow..lovely :) Happy Hnt.

Hubris said...

OK I'm back

oh yeah!

there's no love like self love!

Hubris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alex said...

Dzer, you old rascal. ;)

Suze said...

Dzer, I would certainly dine at the table of earthly delights. I've even brought my own chocolate sauce. ;)

Can you take the pics?

Chrissie said...

lol if you had used the pic you originally wanted to I dont think green hedonist would have enjoyed it so much ;)

DZER said...

hedonist: LOL

crimson: why thank you!

alex: I admit to "rascal" ... but "old?" fuck! LOL

suze: i'm looking at you as more like part of the buffet ;)

chrissie: hell ... I bet a lot of people would have appreciated THAT pic even more! heh