Saturday, April 15, 2006

I believe that ...

... people are, intrinsically good. That being said, most overcome that to become not-good people. Oh, and all children are evil. It's been proven.

... Oswald acted alone, but only because the CIA, Mafia and Soviets got stuck at the airport.

... like Crash Davis, in ... "the small of a woman's back ... the sweet spot ... opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and ... in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Great movie, Bull Durham.

... there is life elsewhere in the galaxy and universe. But I also think they couldn't give two shits about us.

... the greatest sport is professional American football, and only at the NFL-level — not of that European league or indoor arena crap either.

... one day, through the grace of the golf gods and sheer, dumb, blind luck, I will hit a hole-in-one.

... nobody's cooking will ever live up to my parents' cooking.

... the vast majority of television is utter crap.

... we should be able to choose fewer cable channels for less money. I mean, how many of us need or want 50 channels, let alone 500? Cable companies should offer packages that let us pick the few we truly want and will watch.

... the Beatles are vastly overrated. They were a good band and had some influence, but they aren't all they're made out to be.

... most modern art is total shit ... especially the shit that's spread on a canvas, hung on wall and proclaimed to be a "statement about modern life."

... the Bible has some good stories and lessons, but shouldn't be taken literally.

... it's hard to beat: a great meal; a good woman; a day on the golf course; a cigarette after fucking.

... sammiches are underrated as a food group.

... a large percentage of music made in the last 20 years is absolute garbage.

... people who stick around a poker hand chasing a gutshot straight all the way to the river no matter how much is bet and then catch it are going to be fucked by the cosmos at some point in time. Hopefully VERY soon.

... I am too tired and sick to do this post justice, so I'm going to go to bed now.


Mimi said...

Love that I believe stuff....
My "I Believe",
I believe there is a principle that that never fails to keep a man in everlasting ignorance, and that principle is contemt prior to investigation.
I borrowed that from Herbert Spencer.
I also believe that what goes around comes around.
that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat elderly people and animals.
that I get what I need and need to want what I have.
that at the end of the day, if I know my kid is safe and happy that is all that matters.
that I must choose my battles wisely and
I would much rather be happy than right.

wow, Im pretty damned insiteful for a saturday morning, actually Im procrastining housework.
thanks for the diversion Dzer!

Madame X said...

I believe that Ell and I got tipsy last night and I flashed my tits to passing motorists on 684!

Yeah...I believe so

ArtfulDodger said...

I believe that lists can be made of just about anything.

I believe that I should have been on 684 last night! Oh baby!

I believe that Guam is really far away. Bummer.

I believe that I said enough already. :)

sassinak said...

i FULLY agree with the bull durham sentiment. that line rocked my socks then and still does... one of the only times kevin costner was *actually* hot.

i prefer canadian football, i like the challenge of three downs... course i prefer hockey altogether... but i'm canadian, what do you want?

the beatles fucking rock... but at the same time? it's all about personal taste.

otherwise? FUCKING WORD!


(ps pics are up...)

terry said...

i believe you come up with some of the best lists around.

i believe tim robbins is far hotter now than he was in "bull durham."

i believe the rain in the bay area will never stop.

i believe it's time for a cocktail.

Jon said...

I believe you are right... except about the beatles and the cigarette

DZER said...

mimi: glad I provide you with some entertainment and a diversion from housework LOL

madame x: I believe you don't have to be drunk to flash drivers LOL

art: I believe that I concur (about the top stuff, not about the said to much stuff)

sass: Oh, I like the beatles and think they rock ... I just don't think they are the rock gods everyone makes them out to be ... and bull durham statement was SOOOOOO on!!

terry: I believe you're trying to suck up to me, but I like it ... LOL ... and I believe I will have a cocktail with you :)

jon: I still believe what I believe! LOL

Bill Jones, Jr said...

Here's a real modern life statement about art: you work too hard to spend your money on stupid crap that doesn't look like anything. Modern are doesn't prove you're sophisticated, it proves you have more money than sense. (Thanks, I needed to get that out.)

And I beg to differ: the best thing after sex is - more sex. (Then maybe some more sex if at least one of you is still awake.)

Wes said...

You comment on just about every blog I visit, so I am here to pay my respects.

Holla to the DZER. Rock on!