Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what's your beef?

Sometimes, you just can't beat Korean barbecue to hit the spot. I get cravings for Korean food every now and then, and luckily there are some very good Korean restaurants in the area. Above is perhaps one of the most well-known dishes — kalbi ribs.

The short ribs are a little different from what most Westerners see in the store — it's basically a wide, thin cut of meat connected to the short rib. It's barbecued, and then it's chopped up and served on a hot iron plate set in a heavy wooden tray. The steam comes off, wafting the savory smells upward. Mmmmm. That's what can be seen on the middle left of the pic ... it's not a smudge on the camera or an exposure issue — it's the heavenly smell of grilled beef.

On the right is an assortment of kimchi, which comes with the kalbi meal. In the top, left corner is actually chop chae — a translucent noodle dish that's muy tasty. Counter clockwise from there, spicy radish, broccoli, seaweed, bean sprout and the classic, super-hot cabbage kimchi.

Top right corner is soup. I don't go for the soup itself ... looks a little too close to dishwater, so I don't touch it. LOL. But the kimchis make perfect counterpoints to the tasty marinated meat that is the kalbi.

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Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• Seoul, South Korea is a mere 1,986 miles (3,196 km) from Guam. Visitors from South Korea make up our second-largest tourism market.


Chrissie said...

yep looks tastey... I havent had Korean food for a VERY long time... like prolly... 15 years lol

Suze said...

Dzer, every time I look at the food on your blog I realise just how few flavours of the world I have tasted.

I have never tried Korean cuisine, is it hot and spicy? Cause I can't eat hot food. But you know I can handle the spicy. ;)

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

That looks absolutely heavenly.

Would it be good for breakfast, I wonder?

DZER said...

chrissie: maybe at the end of the week, when you head into the city, you can find a korean place and get some kalbi or some bulgogi? it's delicious!!

suze: Korean cuisine CAN be spicy, but many dishes are quite palatable to the not-hot-food loving diner. You and Alex find a Korean restaurant there. Order kalbi (or galbi), and/or bulgogi, and/or chop chae. Ask about the kind of kimchis they have, and ask for the ones that aren't too spicy. They should accomodate you. Or, just skip the kimchi and eat the ribs!!

AAG: I'm sure it would be divine with breakfast. I think I'd like to try it with scrambled eggs, I think. :)

murphy said...

fucker.. stop making me hungry

Natalia said...

Dammi! Now I want more food. You suck *tee hee*

Oh...and the pics are brilliant. :)


crscntmoon said...

hmmm..now I'm craving bulgogi and cold beer

DZER said...

murphy: I see it as my task to make others crave food ... LOL

natalia: Yay! mission accomplished! LOL .. and thanks!

crscntmoon: cold beer goes so perfectly with bulgogi! :)