Wednesday, April 12, 2006

what DZER ate, people to hate, and HNT (early, not late)

Heh. I'm VERY impressed with myself for the title rhyme. If you're not ... I don't care. LOL.

For the whole four people who read and responded to the post below, I decided to not only tell you what I decided on for lunch, but to show you as well. Don't you feel all lucky and fulfilled? Yeah ... I didn't think so.

I decided on LoneStar Steakhouse for lunch ... though not for a steak. This place serves up one of my very favorite healthy/not-healthy meals. Salad and hot wings.
I was so hungry that I tucked right into the salad and didn't think about snapping a picture of it. It was just a basic dinner (side) salad — lettuce and other greens, carrot shreds, a little red onion, diced tomatoes and ranch dressings. The wings were "hot" ... not quite the hottest they have (which is "Texas") but still pretty spicy. They were big and plump and pika and ... mmmmm.

That was lunch!

How many of you work in an office (or other) environment in which you just really can't stand one or more people that work with you, for you or near you? I'm guilty of it myself, though I will never name names. This office voodoo doll is a gift which I find myself utilizing over and over again. In case your vision is so poor that you can't tell, even by clicking on the pic for a bigger image, this is the "female" side of the doll; the other side has a male representation. The pins, also in case you can't see, are stuck into each of the female's eyes. Nuff said, no?

It's late Wednesday night here. Which means almost Thursday morning for me. So, all of my faithful readers (down to 9.6 and falling!) know this means one thing — the early Half-Nekkid Thursday from Guam!

Cheer or jeer, as is your wont and prediliction. I'm guessing comments will be light on the cheering, and that the jeering will be saved for private discourse. Notice I rate myself high enough to think that others would bother to waste any of their time discussing me or my HNTs.

This week, I present my "durrrr" face ... enjoy!

To find out more about Half-Nekkid Thursday,
check out the link, baby:

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• April is the month in which the sun is at its highest, and thus longest and hottest, position over Guam. It's freaking hot over here, people!


Chrissie said...

HA you do too name names! :oP Can I borrow that doll? Please?

Lunch looks yummy, though i prefer buffalo wings, I hate eating around those stupid bones.

Nice face Cartman... How should I know? I'm retarded Deerrrrr

DZER said...

well, I name names to YOU. Is there anything that I HAVEN'T told you? c'mon!

and you mean those boneless wings? I wish they had those there ... I love them things.

that was a fucking FUNNY South Park! His ass still got beat! LMAO

Chrissie said...

There better not be :)

and nooo i mean those super spicey chicken strips lol all breast meat thank you!

and LOL... well Jimmy was on roids. The chinpokomon one was on last night... Oohh American have sooo big penis!

Chrissie said...

btw.. i was very impressed with the rhyme

Madame X said...

Mind if I cut in here?

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE chicken wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that face...ooooo that face!

I need Dzer cooly pictures though!

Kristen said...

Chicken wings and beer.......cold draft beer in a frosty mug.....mmmmm

DZER said...

chrissie: there isn't; and I love breasts too ... heh; and the japanese chinpokomon was hilarious!!

and I knew you'd be impressed by the rhyme ;)

madame x: the more the merrier ... and wings are tasty-licious! glad you like the face ... the only cooly pic is up on Chrissie's site ... LOL

DZER said...

kristen: hell ... I wish I could have beer during the lunch break, but don't think it would be a good idea ... one beer usually leads to more ... LOL

Kristen said...

yeah, you can't just have one beer

DZER said...

I think there have been studies done that clearly show you can't have just one beer.

Madame X said... beer, one potato chip, one chicken wing, on orgasm...ya can't just have one!

Natalia said...

OMG...are you trying to kill me with hunger pangs? You always post the yummiest pictures, I swear.

And ROTFL at the voodoo lol :)

I love it when people pull faces.


DZER said...

madame x: sometimes I feel extremely lucky to get JUST one of any of those! LOL

natalia: no ... at least, not JUST you, darlin' ... heh ... the little voodoo doll is fun ... and I'm an inveterate face puller ;)

terry said...

i SO need one of those voodoo dolls...!

and suddenly, i'm hungry... AGAIN. i should know by now that i shouldn't come here on an empty stomach.

Suze said...

Dzer, your dentist has done a wonderful job on your teeth.

When do we get you come to me baby look? ;)

BTW, I'm still doing an HNT. Alex just dropped his trousers for the Madam as a special treat.

Happy HNT my gorgeous Guam guy.

DZER said...

terry: it does come in handy ... and sorry (not really) for making you hungry LOL

suze: sadly, those front teeth are the only ones I have that are in any degree of good shape ... LOL ... and I'll be on the lookout for your HNT ... thanks, darlin' ;)

JMai said...

I think it freaks me out a little that you bring your camera with you to meals.

Also, stop making people hungry!

DZER said...

jmai: I don't bring it to EVERY meal ... though I do have my camera on me most of the time — you just never know when a great photo might present itself!

and one of my only ways to have fun these days is to make people hungry ... just wait until Easter Brunch! heh

kathi said...

Great videos!
You know I'm not a wing person...yuck, tho the dip looks good with the celery. Yeah, I know...get the hell out, right? Sorry.
I don't know what a 'durrrr' face is, but I love yours!

DZER said...

kathi: thanks, darlin' .. and the wings are really, really good for meatatarians ;)

glad you enjoyed the durrr face ... heh

Sunny Delight said...

I want a voodoo doll!! Can you hear the whining begging??? I need one so badly, when the bitch I work with does her thing, oh the needles I could stick to her!!!

Love your teeth, so pretty and even :P

Happy late HNT! Been a tired Sun lately.
Hope you are feeling better, and Happy Easter!