Tuesday, December 20, 2005

christmas party follow-up ...

OK ... here's the newsroom's tree. Our theme is a 1980s Christmas, so the pics on the tree are photos of staff members that were taken in the '80s.

Here's the main spread, after it's been decimated. There was turkey, ham, sweet-and-sour spareribes, KahlĂșa pig, mashed potatoes and gravy, red rice, cucumber-and-daigo spicy salad, lumpia (egg rolls), potato salad, pancit (noodles dish) and a few other dishes I can't remember off-hand.

The dessert table: Pies galore — apple, coconut cream, chocolate mousse, custard, pumpkin — plus cakes and cookies.

The amazing chocolate fountain. Dippables included: fresh pineapple, bananas, marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzels, vanilla wafers.

I forgot that I have no way to edit video and took this vertically, so you get to see it sideways, but I wanted to show off the flow of melted chocolate. Just tilt your head to the left ... LOL

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terry said...

damn you....you've done it again...! suddenly, i'm STARVING!!

man, i want one of those chocolate fountains.

Chrissie said...

damn... ive got a kink in my neck now! GEEZ

DZER said...

terry: it's a skill I have ... making others hungry LOL

chrissie: poor baby ... *gives you a neck massage*

Chrissie said...

what is that your poking against my neck???... HEY! Thats not really a massage ya know! >:oI

DZER said...

it's vibrating, isn't it? *WEG*