Tuesday, December 20, 2005

learning a little more about DZER ...

OK, I’ve seen this on several blogs — notably those of Sabledawn and amazinggrace — and I decided to appropriate it for myself.

So, here’s a little bit more information about the DZER that you might not have known. Please don’t use it against me. ;)

• Nervous habits: I am a nail biter. I also have a tendency toward panic attacks now and then that involve chest pain that half-convinces me I’m having a heart attack. Yeah; I know. Fun, fun, fun.

• Are you double jointed? No, but I have extra-elastic ligaments, which allow my fingers to bend to weird degrees … and also resulted in chronic shoulder dislocation for years.

• Can you roll your tongue? Yes. I can also pulse it.

• Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? *arches a brow* Yes.

• Can you blow spit bubbles? Who can’t? I can also burp on command.

• Can you cross your eyes? Uh-huh.

• Tattoos? Four so far — punisher skull on upper left arm, mermaid Minx on upper right arm, kokopelli on upper right arm, tribal gecko on upper back.

• Piercing? Three, all in ears — two in left ear, one in right.

• Do you make your bed daily? Hell, I don’t even bother with sheets anymore. The joys of being single and alone and not having women over to the house

• Which shoe goes on first? Usually the right, but sometimes the left.

• Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? Yes.

• On the average, how much money do you carry? Anywhere from none to several hundred.

• What jewelry do you wear 24/7? There isn’t anything I wear all the time.

• Favorite piece of clothing? A pair of black panties given to me by a beautiful woman. I wear them on my head now and then.

• Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it . I mostly swirl.

• Have you ever eaten Spam? Tons of it. It’s the national food of Guam.

• Do you use extra salt on your food? Sometimes.

• How many cereals in your cabinet? None. I keep it in my fridge to keep it away from the roaches.

• What's your favorite beverage? Coffee. And Assam Black Tea (iced).

• What's your favorite fast food restaurant? That I can get to — Burger King. But I love me some Jack in the Box!!

• Do you cook? Yes — a wide variety of dishes.

• How often do you brush your teeth? At least once a day, usually twice.

• Hair drying method? No hair to dry. I towel-dry my shaved head.

• Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? I did … once … spectacular failure LOL.

• Do you swear? Fuck yeah I fucking swear! Shit!

• Do you ever spit. I’m a man. We all spit.

• Animal: Cheetah.

• Food: Chamorro fiesta food.

• Month: December — it’s Christmas time, baby!

• Day: Sunday, the day of sleeping in, brunch, golf and matinee movies.

• Cartoon: Bugs Bunny. I’m old school that way.

• Shoe brand: Anything I can squeeze onto my monster-sized feet. Adidas.

• Subject in school: Any of them. I was made for school. I should have been a professional student.

• Color: Black.

• Sport: Football. College and NFL.

• TV shows: The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, all CSIs, Criminal Minds.

OK, Guam doesn’t have these seasons, per se, but I have lived through them in other places, so here goes:
• Thing to do in the spring: Cherry Blossom festival.
• Thing to do in the summer: Go camping and fishing.
• Thing to do in the autumn: Drive around the country and look at the foliage. Also, watch football.
• Thing to do in the winter: Admire the snow from inside a nice warm house.

• In the CD player: Only CD player I have right now is in my eMac. Current disk in there is Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion pack.

• Person you talk most on the phone with: Sadly, probably the office.

• Reading: “Silver Bells” by Luanne Rice. Corny; it was an impulse buy.

• Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors? God no! Who would want to look at that? LOL

• What color is your bedroom? Stark white. It definitely could use — needs — a paint job.

• Do you use an alarm clock? Yes, but only to make sure I get my ass out of bed when I wake up early and go back to sleep.

• Window seat or aisle? I need aisle, in case I need to get up in the middle of the flight. Plus, there’s a little more leg room at the aisles.

• What's your sleeping position? Usually on left side, semi-reclined; sometimes on back, semi-reclined.

• Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? Yes, because I keep the air conditioner on all the time.

• Do you snore? Yes.

• Do you sleepwalk? Never have.

• Do you talk in your sleep? Yes. It gave my family and friends all kinds of entertainment too.

• Do you sleep with stuffed animals? LMAO.

• Sleep with the light on? No, unless I pass out while watching TV early in the evening.

• Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? Yes. I need noise to fall asleep.

• Last interesting person you met: Stripper or non-stripper?


TequilaGirl said...

Great list Dz! I'll tag myself with this since I never got around to the last one that you tagged me with! ;)

DZER said...

tequilagirl: Ah!! NOW I know! doh! LOL

and thanks, darlin'! have fun with it! :)

TequilaGirl said...

I didn't think you had figured it out! LOL! Lil is gone so you can get rid of that link.

DZER said...

tequilagirl: sometimes I'm thick between the ears LOL ... and elsewhere ;)

and I'll redo the links soon :)

SignGurl said...

Your details about how you sleep cracked me up!

I wrote these in my Dzerette training manual.

terry said...

we eye-talians are happy you know how to treat your pasta properly. it hurts us when people cut their spaghetti...

Chrissie said...

LOL Nice details...

but this one...
How many cereals in your cabinet? None. I keep it in my fridge to keep it away from the roaches.

umm... ew.

DZER said...

jenn: hmmm ... wasn't meant to be funny, but I'll take what I can get! LOL

terry: oh, I take care of some spaghetti! LOL

chrissie: better kept in the fridge than having "extras" in your cereal ... LMAO

Chrissie said...

LMAO... ok.. double Ewww but yes. Agreed

DZER said...

wait a minute!! since when are there "raisins" in Rice Krispies?


Bill Jones, Jr said...

Hey don't laugh. When I was a kid I once found "raisins" in my Rice Krispies. I tried reaaaaaaallly hard not to wonder how many I ate before I noticed. I love the Cherry Blossom Festival here - but there are so many tourists I can't ever get to it. I'm allergic to tourists.

DZER said...

sabledawn: umm ..eww!! LOL

and the few cherry blossom festivals I went to were in Okinawa ... so I guess I was a tourist ... but it was very festive and and cool insight into a different culture ...