Saturday, December 24, 2005

happy birthday baby ...

A little blast from the past on this, the day of your birth. May all your birthday wishes come true. *smooch*
Originally posted Oct. 1999

nose of the minx

she knows how I feel about her nose
how I love its shape and sensual form
from where it starts between her eyes
to where it ends above entrancing lips
the Lord knows I love her nose
and often dream about licking along
its wondrous length taking in every
single little nook and cranny becoming
intimate with every bit of skin wrapped
around the cartilege that defines it
is it such a no-no to know her nose?


Chrissie said...

LMAO... omg... to run the WHOLE length would take a while since its HUGE :oP

But thanks babe lol *smooch* Dork.

DZER said...

well, I'm a patient man ... and it would be worth the while, as long as you didn't poke me in the eye while I was licking.

and lucky for me you like dorks *smooch*

gigi said...


Many Happy Returns, Minx!

grainne said...

Happy Birthday Chrissie!
I hope this year brings you all the love, laughter and happiness you could desire!

You have to be pleased that Dzer only posted about your nose…~chuckle~ if he started at the top of your head and worked his way down…it’s would to be like reading The Iliad!

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

sassinak said...

grainne: the iliad the sensual version!

happy birthday minx!