Saturday, December 10, 2005

in the club ...

rancorous music pulses
vibrating through flesh and bone
air thick and clogged with smoke
black and dark and dusky
save for glaring spotlights
and throbbing strobes
glancing off mirrored walls

gyrate those hips
pucker those lips
as you drink by sips
and work for my tips

slinky little slutty skirt
quickly hits the floor
halfway through next song
the sheer top is next
followed by bra
and then panties
until you're naked
save for the 6-inch heels

take my dollar bills
put them in my mouth
strip them away with your tits
letting my lips glance
off soft, sweet-smelling flesh
breathe huskily on my ear
nip and nibble my neck
for a few measly bucks

who is the predator
and who is the prey
you're taking my money
but am I getting more
for what I'm spending
than you are darlin'
after all, what's a dollar
for your dignity

take me to the VIP room
so you can at least
get your money's worth
of my money


SignGurl said...

Can I borrow a dollar? :-)

gigi said...


Yeah had me till that.

Don't get me started because you will lose!

Mike said...

How was the party?

murphy said...

knew that dignity line would get to someone

also - what's up with the roaming gangs of chickens?

Steppin' On Toes said...

Meet me in the VIP room LOL

sugarpunk said...

i just feel a head bopping coming... "50 cent".. or something... bottle fulla bub..

Everything Nice said...

K, Ive been to that club... it rocks the hizzous...

Love ya big daddy... keep the dolla's at hand or in hand or..

no, keep your dick in your hand and forget the dollas.

or keep the dollas in your hand and forget the dick. I'll take care of that.

sassinak said...

i refuse to admit how many posts behind i am

just sayin

i hate that i'm behind cause i miss all the deleted stuff!


DZER said...

jenn: only a dollar?

gigi: I always lose ;)

mike: that was pre-party LOL

murph: fear the chicken gangs!

jax: darlin', I'd meet you anywhere you asked me to *wrigglin' eyebrows atcha*

sugarpunk: you like boppin'?

naughty one: sounds like a plan, darlin' ;)

sass: ya didn't miss much LOL