Friday, December 09, 2005

no more of that ...

... that deleted post is the last time I plan on whining and crying about my lack of any kind of love life.

I hate pity and yet I post that kind of crap.

no more ... if I can control myself.

we now return you to your normal blogging schedule.


Mike said...

Atta boy...but my comment

~Deb said...

I emailed you my comment- because it was a fricken novel, and then when I hit enter---POOF-----you deleted the post! So I emailed it to you.

I hope you're okay...


sugarpunk said...

hey just stepping back a second... i had a flashback to the kissing thing.. and uhhhh if i recall... eyelid sucking was a "X" thing to do... i know.. its been hours since that post... but you are right.. it feels amazingly odd..

ok now .. i totally missed the deleted scenes.. so no comment?

Suze said...

Dzer, there is nothing wrong with a man expressing his feelings.

You are a sensitive guy and that's a good quality to possess.


gigi said...

WTF? Last time I sleep in I miss all the good stuff.

Doughnut? It's a Krispy Kreme!


SignGurl said...

You know we love you no matter what you are feeling. We are here for you buddy.

But maybe that makes it worse. 'Cause we are spread all over the world. I don't know.

Just know, your day will come!


Dan said...

Dzer....buddy....Mr.D.....what's up?

Apparently I've missed a few things during the past 18 hours or so. Emma has some posts missing, you're mentioning deleting a post, commentors are talking about what they read before you deleted it.


I hate being left out of the loop man. I'm a sensitive guy too. Yes, I can admit it. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it's a good thing (even though I pretend I don't like it).

If we weren't meant to share our feelings they would have been called 'nothings'.

murphy said...

blatantly missed your post - but - feel free to vent whenever man.. it's your blog and hell it feels good to get that load off your mind/heart sometimes.

Ever notice how, being a guy, ya never know when that kinda emotional overflow is gonna hit ya. It's weird.

Dan said...

It usually hits me on Sunday evenings during the last 10 minutes of Extreme Home Makeover.

Bill Jones, Jr said...


I think that sums it up.

ell said...

hey d, you're allowed to have feelings - you're human like the rest of us. and i commend you for expressing them.

you rock. and hope you had fun at the party.

DZER said...

mike: thanks

deb: got it ... thanks

sugarpunk: you had yer eyeball done like that? LOL

suze: suuuuuure it is LOL

gigi: can you believe I've never had a krispy kreme?

jen: yer a sweety

dan: yer a sweety too LOL

murph: you need someone to help bury a body, you let me know.

sabledawn: thanks dude

ell: are you sure? I'll have to check the manual ;)