Monday, January 16, 2006

cell phones and jury duty ...

I was all excited today. A cell phone company representative came into the office to sign up and upgrade customers for a new GSM service (new for Guam, anyway). I signed up, adding on to my package bundle I already have with the company — residential phone, DSL, long-distance. It was a GREAT deal.

Even better was that the sales rep was/is willing to come to us and work with us in the office, instead of us having to go to their main office or even the new satellite office.

This is the phone that came as part of my package. It's a Motorola V220. Camera with 4X zoom. Customized ring tones. External caller ID. Games. Plan included 3,000 local minutes, 10 cents a minute for long-distance phone calls. Voicemail, conference calling, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting.

Only problem: I have zero signal in my apartment. I'd signed up for service with the company before, on their TDMA cell phone deal, but got no signal at home. That was all supposed to change with the GSM system. It hasn't.

So tomorrow I have to return the cool and neat and pretty phone, unless they can guarantee me the problem will be fixed within the next month. I have to stick with my old company and the old service. Bleah.

Jury duty
So I went to the orientation for jury duty. There's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Oh well ... there is a slight chance they might actually excuse me from duty because of the job — when you work for a newspaper, you can't NOT read the newspaper. It's a part of my job — in fact I look at, read and edit the news and opinion commentary and letters the day before it comes out. For most criminal trials, we usually cover and report on it. That definitely makes it hard to be a juror. I've done the duty before and never had a lawyer from either side willing to put enpanel me as a juror.

I gotta drop off a letter explaining the whole thing tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me!

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• It's been raining way too much on Guam lately. We need a few days of clear weather and sunshine.


Suze said...

Dzer, the phone thing sucks, hope you get to keep it.

As for the jury service, I hope you get out of that one. You're right being in the media you should be excused.

I'd like a chance to do it though, being nosey by nature. LOL.

TequilaGirl said...

I had that problem with my last phone! That just sucks! Hopefully they'll get you some service!

Good luck on the jury duty thing!

Have a happy day!

gigi said...

You'll never get picked for jury duty!

What lawyer in their right minds would want a journalist on the jourey?

murphy said...

volunteer to do the charcoal drawings... they may take you up on it and *wham* you're outta 'jourey' duty.. jeezus Gig

Natalia said...


Just wanted to tell you I added the Dzerette icon :) I am not official :)


DZER said...

suze: thanks darlin' ... so do I. I really LIKE this phone and the company LOL

tequilagirl: are you saying this is your fault? LOL

gigi: thanks! heh

murphy: LOL ... maybe I can use colored pencils! I like to draw.

natalia: thanks darlin' ... you are now official on the sidebar too ;)

Chrissie said...

Noooo keep the new phone! you dont need to use your cell phone at home! lol I hate your other service as well... and thats a cool flippy phone ;) almost like mine... mine isnt a camera though.

I only actually had to show up for duty one time and i was way sick... lol my croupey cough bugged the judge so much during selection he sent me home LMAO... I was a little bummed really... case sounded interesting.

Ive gotten the notice no less than 8 times... but my # is never made to show up :D *knock on wood* (hope it didnt hurt lol)

SignGurl said...

The phone thing sucks.

Jury duty is interesting. I've been called for duty 4 times and gotten on 3 jurys. Seems both the prosecution and the defense have no problem with a white female that isn't in a management position. Lol, little do they know.

The most interesting case was a drug case. Scary part was when the jury was released every day, we had to walk out the same door and in the same direction as the defendant's family.

I moved quickly and swiftly. After we convicted him, I requested a chaparone to my car that was 8 blocks away. Thankfully the court obliged.

It's too bad if you can't serve. It can be interesting.

Mike said...

Chrissie is knocking on your wood?

Shay said...

I hate it when people take up my time for no good reason - because I can never get it back!

DZER said...

chrissie: they're gonna get me a different phone and see if it gets better reception ... and thanks for knocking on my wood ;)

jenn: It would be cool to serve, I just know it's very unlikely, at least in my current position.

mike, the male DZERette: yes, she was LOL

shay: I know, huh! It's always about THEM, not us! ;)

kathi said...

Dang, that really sucks about the reception.
I only got called for jury duty once and got picked. I actually found it interesting, was glad that I got picked after all.

Chrissie said...

Ahh Mikey... back from computer hell ;) *smooches* You got wood?? I'd knock yers around too...

equal oppertunity wood knocker thats me!

Dz... Your welcome... was it as good for you as it was for me? *winkwinknudgenudge*

DZER said...

kathi: don't it just? *sigh* and I'd pick ya!

chrissie: save other wood knockin' for your own blog, hussy! LOL and I'm guessing it was a little better for me than it was for you ... next time, try not to make the yawning so obvious ;)