Saturday, January 21, 2006

the hnt hat update ...

OK, many of you know that I have offered the hat shown below (late bonus HNT pic, you lucky dogs!) as a prize in my own personal little contest.

Here's the update: This hat is SO desired, SO wanted, SO yearned for, SO lusted after, SOOOOOOO much in demand that ...

... there has been exactly ONE (1) offer for it. *sigh*

True, there still are 4-1/2 days left in the contest. I'm sure many of you are putting together carefully considered bids. Heh.

What other explanation could there be? I mean, it is a GENUINE green ballcap with the OFFICIAL seal of the great territory of Guam, U.S.A., embroidered directly onto the front of the hat. It's a near priceless item. On eBAy, I'm sure I could get $1.50 for it, not including shipping and handling! LOL

So here you go: Another look at the hat. And the contest rules, repeated.

Contest Rules
1. Eligibility: Anyone with a mailing address who enters the contest. Must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Tell me, in an e-mail sent to, what you are willing to give in exchange for the hat. Items must be able to be sent by U.S. mail or other delivery service.

3. I, and I alone, will choose the winning entry, based solely on what I think is the coolest offer.

4. By sending said e-mail, you consent to me publishing your name, or your nom de blog (your choice), and your offer — even if you don't win! Heh. The winner will, of course, be identified, as will his or her winning bid. So be very careful about how feckless and risque your offer is ... LOL

5. The hat will only be sent out once the winning bid is received.

6. Should the winner so choose, he or she can post an HNT featuring him or her in the hat, once it is in his or her possession. This isn't mandatory, but it sure would be pretty cool.

7. Everyone has one week in which to submit their bids. The winner will be announced with my next early HNT.

Random Guam Fact Of The Day:
• The shape of the Guam seal is meant to reflect that of slingstone, an ancient weapon (well, ancient ammunition for an ancient weapon) of the Chamorro people.


Suze said...

Dzer, Alex's offer will be with you shortly. I so want that hat.

Madame X said...

The hats cool! I just don' think I have any thing to offer!


Natalia said...

I am not sure I have anything to offer, Dazer love... :)


Alex said...

I have made my offer, see for details.

Hope you like it :o)

Shay said...

I will have to think of something good to offer for such a great item!

Anything you can think of that you'd like to be sent from Canada?

grainne said...

You are such a MAN...these hats go for 10.00 & up on ebay !! Make a post like that and not even bother to check on the going rate...~pokes you~ You of all people not to check what you put in writing is almost shocking to me...almost but not quite ~wink~

I am not going to bid on this hat...I mean it. If I did, I would be a horridly selfish woman...after all I wore that same hat last weekend when I was putting carpet down in my computer room. Did a great job keeping my hair out of my face and from ending up underneath the carpet. I ADORE my Guam hat...even wore it to the post office when I was pestering the old men about the status of your package! I thought I was going to have fight son #1 for it...but his giant monster head is too large for it!!

SignGurl said...

Aw...D, I told ya, I got nothin'.

Stop making me all hot and bothered with the Nekkid pics.

Gyrobo said...

Here's my counter offer: give me that hat, along with $500. In return, I'll give you exclusive mining rights on a small... island... that I may or may not own.

Or, I could have you declared legally artificial and sieze it during a tax recall.

Mike said...

So in other words...the contest is rigged?