Saturday, August 26, 2006

the debate ...

... actually went very well. R did a great job of organizing things and everyone involved gave 100 percent so it pretty much went off without a hitch.

It was weird being on TV and knowing I was on TV and trying to force myself to look at the camera and/or my co-moderator and not do something stupid like lick my lips.

Luckily I stopped at Kmart before and bought a bunch of handkerchiefs ... fat man with shaved head under bright TV lights = sweatfest 2006. I went through five of those. Luckily, most of the camera time was spent on the candidates, so I had plenty of time to pat down in between the times I was on the air. I'm sure there might have been a time or two where I had no choice but to pat the forehead when I was on camera, but I kept it to a minimum ... I hope.

I also avoided major stumbles over any of the text I had to read; pretty much everyone I talked to after gave me the "good job" thing. That's gotta be a good sign, no?

I ended up having to be the mean moderator, frequently admonishing the crowd to contain their applause. But, again, I got good marks from those involved with the debate for being stern and helping move things along.

But, ultimately, the main lesson learned was this: I have a face for print journalism. LOL


terry said...

we need a tape! we need a tape! i wanna see!

(jeez, i miss a few days of the diatribe and i come back to a wholesale redesign?? i'm so confused....)

Madame X said...

Let's go to the video tape!!

JMai said...

Nahhh.... you have a face only bloggers could love!

And ha @ Terry's comment because those were my thoughts exaciticly.

DZER said...

terry: a tape is being copied ... but only for one person LOL ... and see what you get when you give up the DZER even for a few days?

madame x: see above ;)

jmai: aww ... thanks sweetie ... and see what happens when you don't come around often?