Sunday, August 20, 2006

a little bit of this and that ... and more golf

Before I get to the (boring) golf post from my Sunday morning, there are some matters to which I must attend:

• That's right, kiddos, not one but TWO new lovely ladies have been added to the DZERette fold!

First, there's the lovely Southern Belle, TequilaGirl. For some reason, she'd never applied for DZERette status until just very recently. For waiting so very long, she gets lots of extra spankings! Heh.

Next, there is Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO. For those of you who can't read all those freaky characters (LOL), the "normal" spelling would be "tragic." She's the latest Canadian DZERette, so she gets extra spankings too!

In fact, extra spankings all around!! Heh.

If you want to become a DZERette, find out all the nitty-gritty details on the sidebar!

• But, I'll keep you updated once there is some more information. ;)

• It seems to me as if I was just recently bitching about the shitty start to my year, about how the first few months pretty much sucked.

And now it's late August. It's almost September, for fuck's sake. What the hell happened to make the months fly by? Well, at least it seems now that the months and weeks have flown by. But since the start of, and during, that span of time, didn't they seem to drag on and on and on? What is it with time, that it passes by so very slowly until you look back on it, and then it seems to have flown by?

Ah well ... c'est la vie.

• Despite an afternoon full of heavy rain, not to mention steady showers during most of the night, my Sunday dawned bright and clear, and I woke up WAY too early, even given the fact that I was to play golf.

As usual, my godson A was super hyped to play, all smiles as I drove into the course parking lot. S was too, happy to be playing golf two days in a row. As was I, come to think about it. Hard to beat back-to-back days playing golf with people you like and love.

I started off playing fairly well — I did have two double bogetys the first four holes, but it could have been MUCH worse. I actually sank four putts of 5 to 10 feet, or else I would have been 10 over par after 4 holes, instead of just 6 over par. I then had three straight bogeys, just barely missing par putts on two of those holes. On the 8th hole, S and I both hit pretty good drives. Then, we both hit good second shots, both of which rolled up onto the green, giving us our first birdie putts of the day. I was about 30 feet away from the hole; S was about 15 feet away. I stroked a good putt and it rolled perfect, dropping right into the heart of the cup. I was ecstatic, and S was happy for me too, but at the same time, I was just one stroke ahead of him and if he didn't make the putt, he would fall behind at least one more stroke, if not two. But he hit a perfect putt too, getting a birdie as well.

On the 9th hole I lipped out a par putt, and it was pretty much downhill from there. The back nine was filled with double bogeys and one triple bogey. I managed one bogey, again thanks to a 10-foot putt. On the last hole, S was ahead of me by two strokes. I hit a good drive and then a 9-iron to just off the green. S had a bad drive but a good second shot, though he chunked it. So if I could get it close and one-putt, he would need to get on the green and one-putt to win; two putts meant a tie. My chip shot skirted the right edge of the hole, giving me a 2-inch putt for par, which I tapped in. Again, the pressure was on S — he hit a great bump-and-run 7-iron to just 4 inches away, getting a bogey and assuring himself of the low score — a 96 to my 97.

Aidan continues to improve. He's really starting to get solid off the tee; he had several shots that went well beyond 100 yards, and he's paying attention to grip, setup and stance before he takes his shot. He's starting to get a better feel for putting too. I'm definitely going to get him a new putter; he likes a mallet-style putter like S and I have and currently makes do with the simple blade putter that came with the set of clubs I bought him. Anyway, he actually sank a couple of 5-footers and lipped out at least 5 putts that could have went in. He totally had a blast. I can never get enough of playing with him; it's just so great to watch his reactions and to feel his love for being out on the course.

One more thing from the round — on the second hole of the back nine, S left a 2-foot putt short and, angered, slammed the ball with his putter toward the hole. Unfortunately, I was standing just behind the cup, holding the flagstick. Bang!! Smack into my left shin. LOL ... Luckily, I have thick legs with strong muscles and bone. In fact, it only hurt for a little bit and didn't affect my game — though of course I will blame my poor performance on it! LOL

What's funny is this isn't the first time he's hit me with a golf ball on the course. A few years back, we were playing a course in northern Guam. I'd driven up ahead a little bit, as I'd outdriven him by 50 yars or so. I was on the far left of the fairway; he was in the middle of the fairway. The hole was well to the right. I watch him hit and see the ball coming straight for me! I tried to jump out of the way — a bit of a hop, more like it — but it hit me square in the thigh ... which is when S yelled "FORE!" That one hurt a lot longer, and left a bruise that turned several colors of ugly before it finally healed. LOL

Guam is currently in the middle of typhoon season, which typically lasts from early July through December. That doesn't mean we don't get hit by typhooons in other months, just that these are the months in which we most often get hit.


Alex said...

Ooh, more deserving totty for your sidebar.

Ouch at the golf ball, I can feel it from here. Squash balls hurt too. I once drove a forehand down the wall, my father didn't get out of the way in time and ended up with a grapefruit sized bruise.

Lindsey said...

I've just never really understood the love for gold. Though the people that are into it are pretty passionate. me, I'm a put put girl myself.

Pyrhonik said...

I like these random Guam facts. I actually went back and read all of the ones that I missed. I dunno if you come up with them yourself or where you get them, but they're cool!

Congrats on your additions to the harem. Nice to see Canada represented! heheh

Knight said...

Dz: it's great to get the kids golfing early. Sounds like the match was fun, even though you LOST (just like you will when we play, so it's good you get used to it!!! LOL!!!) *misc trash talking*

Chrissie said...

Never noticed how many freckles you have! *poke* did that hurt??