Sunday, August 20, 2006

more golf today ...

Yep, even after 18 holes in the blazing sun yesterday, I'm going to hit the links again today, in just about an hour.

This time, I'm playing with S and his son A, my godson, in what's become our little weekly tradition.

I woke up super early this morning (especially for a Sunday!), even without an immediately looming tee time. I guess the three-hour power nap I had yesterday evening was enough to allow me just five hours of sleep and not feel dead.

A combination of factors got me out of bed and kept me up — I had to pee, I had a little cramp on the top of my right foot, and I heard an "ut-oh" from my ICQ, which I pretty much keep up and running when my computer is on.

It turned out to be good that I got up and stayed up; I got to spend a couple hours chatting with My Favorite Person, which always is a good thing.

She's napping now (a woman after my heart LOL) and I need to get dressed and ready. Gonna get there a little early so I have time for a breakfast -- I've only had two bananas and a peach since that heavy lunch yesterday -- and a chance to read the paper and maybe do the crossword, if I have enough time.

Hope ya'll are having a good weekend.

And there is a post below this one that almost none of you have read ... LOL ... though, granted, it is about golf, but there also is a link to some new (FINALLY!) Guam pics. Enjoy!


ell said...

it's been a golfapalooza in dzer land.

i think knight will be the only one to appreciate it.

i won't hold it against you big guy.


DZER said...

ell ... yes it has, and he might be ... and guess what? another golf post to come! LOL