Wednesday, August 09, 2006

random notes and observations ...

• Sometimes I think about buying a bright orange jumpsuit ... then furtively ducking in and out of the boonies when cars pass by on the road.

• They should make giant Twinkies that could be used as a substitute for cake on birthdays and other occasions. How cool would it be to have a giant, 3-foot long Twinkie as a cake?

• I just discovered that they put a new vending machine in our lunchroom ... apparently several months ago. Haven't been down there in quite a while, I guess. LOL ... this machine dispenses some of my favorite beverages, including Assam black tea and Mr. Brown iced coffee ... and this very cool one, called apple tea. Iced tea but with a kick of appleliciousness.

• I've always wanted to buy an old school bus and covert the back into a rolling apartment/house. I know it sounds stupid, but I have some VERY cool ideas. I like school buses. LOL

• Dogs are cheap in the states! Holy cow! The puppies that cost like $1,500 here are like $200 there! You lucky bastards!!

• I seriously need to start selling off a bunch of this stuff that's piled up in my apartment over the last six years. No, seriously. Motivational speech, anyone?

• Gas here is now $3.45 a gallon. Three-fucking-forty-fucking-five-a-fucking-gallon! Geeze.

• Even though I don't like big butts, per se, I love the song "I Like Big Butts." Is that hypocrisy? Or just irony gone awry and askew?

• I just wanted to use the words "awry" and "askew" in one sentence. That's why I wrote the sentence above this one.

• I think I've finally decided what I want to get for my next tattoo. As soon as I get a design fleshed out, I'll share it with you guys. Promise.

For the insatiable wenches out there ... I give you the early HNT from Guam!

I've been told by a few women -- OK, mostly strippers; not too many other women get up that close to my eyelashes to make that comment LOL -- that I have very "pretty" eyelashes. I don't know about that ... what do ya'll think?

Oh, and I'm working on the my eyelash batting ... just in case. LOL

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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

They are very pretty, and I'm not even going to demand that you cram a $20 into my g-string.


Hey, I think living in a converted bus would rock, as long as it had plumbing and ac.

Heather said...

LMAOOOO on the orange jumpsuit idea.. that would be awesome to watch..

$1500 per puppy??!!!! Damn.. I WISH I could get that much per pup.. crap!

Old school bus idea ROCKS... always wanted to do that too!

I think you have loverly eyelashes...

Happy HNT/Humpday here!!

Madame X said...

The orange jumpsuit is a brilliant idea! Just make sure to do the jail house shuffle as you move in and out of view.

I want a giant Chocodile!

I can't drink anything that smells apple-y. Reminds me of my years of torment as a pre school teacher!

I've been in a bus that was converted into a camper! Very cool!

I live in NY, nothing is cheap.

Got nothing motivational!

$3.33 last time I bought.

Neither just poor musical taste.

Word snob! Go play with your pica pole!

Tattoo, fleshed out! Punny!

*double eye poke*

RobynB said...

I want to see you in the orange jumpsuit, eating a megasized Twinkie... darting through the woods to your bus-o-ment.

Don't forget to share with the puppy :)

Sunny Delight said...

*joins you in the giant orange jumpsuit* loveit!

Love your eyelashes darlin' mmmm nice soft butterfly kisses everywhere...

ArtfulDodger said...

A friend and I actually did the orange jumpsuit thing near the interstate in high school, it wasn't as much fun as the time I dressed in a ape costume and pretended to be bigfoot, that one made the papers the next day!

TheMissouriSavage said...

Love the jump suit idea.. Though out here i'd get shot.
I like the bus idea.
You are still nowhere to having as many tats as I do... yeah I am only at 40 but hey..
It was more along the lines of perversity... just a tad more than irony

I need new ink too....

Mimi said...

tap tap tap, excuse me, am I too late for pie?

Suze said...

Dzer, I'm loving your long eyelashes. I bet they touch your lenses when you have your glasses on.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

m_o_o_nspells said...

Your lashes are indeed pretty...let us know when you perfect the fluttering thing! ;o)


P.S. Don't forget to add me to the Dzer-harem! :oD

Natalia said...

Lovely eyelashes :)

Thhe orange jumpsuit is a funny idea...that is until they send the swat team and shoot you. We don't want that.

How can puppies be that expensive? Adopt on from the pound. Those need all the love they can get.

I don't quite like twinkies. Maybe it's an acquired taste and I did not grow up with them.


TequilaGirl said...

You have very pretty eyelashes! ;) Happy HNT!

Kristen said...

Come on Dz you can do it
If you put some power to it

That was my motivation for throwing stuff out.

SignGurl said...

Twinkies don't taste like they used to. They taste like chemicals now, don't you think?

The orange jumpsuit idea would be even better if you wore handcuffs.

*kisses (but does not suck) your eyelids.

DZER said...

AAG: Hmm ... $20 seems a bit much anyway ... I'm on a budget! ;)

heather: you selling black-market puppies again? LOL

madame x: you know the rule! NO eye poking!

robyn: I guess I need to find an orange jumpsuit then!

sunny delight: ooh ... butterfly style even! :)

dodger: but didja really need the gorilla suit? lol

savage: well, I have no plan to get 40 either lol

mimi: is it ever too late for pie?

m_o_o_nspells: I'll make sure to take care of it, darlin'

natalia: thanks darlin' ... are you saying you like dingdongs better? LOL

tequilagirl: thank you darlin' :)

kristen: are you wearing a cheerleader outfit? ;)

signgurl: you just want to see me bound ... LOL

Chrissie said...

Put a lil eyeliner and some mascara on those babies and they would be REALLY purty!

The bus *L* it would be cool for a camper but i dont think i'd like to live in one.

3.41 here... uhh at least it was a couple days ago, its to the point i try NOT to look anymore because it just pisses me off. Just slip the card in, pull out and fill. NEVER LOOK!! its less painful.

Gettin another minxie?? lol

JMai said...

Very pretty lashes, to go with those dreamy baby blues.

And I actually SAW someone in an orange jumpsuit... well ok it wasn't a jumpsuit, it was more of a leisure suit... you know, ala Huggy Bear n stuff. It was really not attractive and I wanted to yell at him out the car window.

terry said...

hey, if you get a bus, you could start a family band and go on the road. you could wear groovy leisure suits with giant collars..

oh, sorry. i was having a flashback there.

and WHY do men get eyelashes like that?? why aren't MINE like that??

DZER said...

chrissie: hmmm ... maybe in a few months I'll let you do my makeup LOL ... we'll go camping in my school bus! and I just might get another minxie ... there are some choices there ;)

jmai: *hides my leisure suit* ... LOL

terry: c'mon get happy? and I've never put any chemicals and makeup on on mine every day for years and years ... maybe that's why they're still pristine? LOL

JMai said...

Leave it to a man to give you a smart-assed answer like that, Terry! ..."that's why they're still pristine." Harrumph!

kathi said...

Sorry, I got stuck on the 3 ft. twinkie...have mercy! ;)

DZER said...

jmai: smart asses can be right! LOL

kathi: you a twinkie freak, darlin'? heh

terry said...

yeah, jmai, thank you!