Thursday, August 10, 2006

still more notes, observations and miscellaneous stuff ...

• Big presentation in the morning. Fun, fun, fun! My team is all prepared though, so it should be fun. :)

• Anyone else remember when phones came in black, white, beige and red? And you could only get a red phone if you were the president or had a secret hotline to a superhero?

• Speaking of telecommunications, I really want one of those ESPN Mobile phones. But that will have to wait ... for a bit, anyway.

• Greek salad with feta cheese ... mmmm ...

• Giant, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie waiting for me to finish Greek salad ... mmmm ...

• Just once, I wanna be on SportsCenter's Plays of the Day ... even if it's No. 10!

• There is no more pie. Sorry.

• My streak of consecutive days living off my poker winnings from last week is over and I'll have to hit the ATM by Saturday, most likely. It woulda lasted longer, but I lost $120 on a bad beat last night at poker. Damn that river!!

• I am amazed at how much shit I have in this apartment. Boxes, baskets, shelves, coffee cups, assorted bric-a-brac, photo frames, wall hangings, etc. I have to purge my inner pack rat and sort through it. Soon. This weekend, to get started, at least. Next weekend, first yard sale. Promise. Cross my heart. Well ... no yard sale ... gonna put stuff out on the landing and stairs outside my apartment, so the customers have to lug all that shit downstairs instead of me, especially considering I would have to haul all the crap that doesn't sell back upstairs afterward! Yes, I will help old people and women with the heavy stuff.

• Crap, gotta sweep and hose down the stairs, now that I'm thinking about it. Damn I hate the owners of this building. I gotta take a pic of the crazy weeds and trees growing all over the place from a total lack of any maintenance. It's like I live in an abandoned, haunted apartment building.

ALL proceeds will go into THE FUND.

THE FUND's current status: $1,100. Not including all those wrapped coins I need to deposit. Getting there.

Bonus HNT!!
This was my alternate HNT shot, after a fresh face scrubbing left my face all beaded with water and glisteningly clean. Enjoy, if you like that kinda thing ... LOL


da buttah said...

damn that river indeed!

happy hnt!

why do i have the sudden urge to watch powder?

Heather said...

YARD SALE!!!! *screeeeech* turn around!! turn around!!!

Oh my.. you look so serious! HHNT!!

LMAOOO *snort* @ Buttah!

DZER said...

buttah: hey! powder was SKINNY!! LOL

heather: I gotta sell this crap! and I'm a serious fella ;)

RobynB said...

You're lookin a bit pissed there Dzer...

It's the thought of yard sale, huh?


TequilaGirl said...

Hey Dz! Smile! :)

MG said...

I like it!

and, I remember those phones, so you're old like me ;)

greek salad....ahh, now I'm hungry!


Chrissie said...

My first phone was a set of bright red lips :)

Bleh Greek salad... feta cheese *face*

Mmm cookie? Wheres mine?

Plays of the Day.. I dont even know what that is *L*

I still didnt want pie, but thanks for not having any.

Can you pull some money out for me too?

You keep being amazed by it all but you havent done anything about it yet... maybe the amazement has to wear off?

Umm... you DO live in an abandoned building *L* I remember a time when it was just you and the Korean woman downstairs... "No bang bang bang!!"

The Fund, good job!

HNT *nosetweek*

SignGurl said...

I'm glad you clarified that those were water drops on your face. I thought they were warts, heh!

*rubs hands over freshly washed face* Nice!

Madame X said...

Coffee mugs seem to multiply in the cupboard over night, don't they?

I missed the pie?

JMai said...

Ok that was a little intimidating. Feta cheese and chocolate chip cookies? Hmm.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Make more pie.


1100$ will buy you a whole lotta pecans.


Lily said...

mmm cookie...

I'm eating a bowl of ice cream with fudge and junior mints.

Happy HNT

Kristen said...

I want the cookie now......

terry said...

no more pie???


DZER said...

robyn: could be ;)

tequilagirl: YOU smile!

MG: good company to be old with ;)

Chrissie: figures you'd have the lips phone, baby LOL ... no feta, no cookie! money for you? gold digger! LOL ... and I know, I know ... I'm a procrastinator ... I need someone to tell me I'm a bad boy and motivate me ;)

signgurl: you think I'm warty? :(

madame x: yes, they do and yes, you did.

jmai: I'm an intimidating kinda fella ;)

AAG: no pie for you!

Lily: mmm ... junior mints!

kristen: cookie? or nookie? ;)

terry: sorry ... all gone!

Knight said...

DZ: you look pissed off in that pic. Is that the look you'll have when I'm kick'n your ass on the golf course? HA!!

hasarder said...

I used to have a black phone AND a red one! But I'm not telling you which superhero I talked to.