Friday, September 22, 2006

friday night's all right for bloggin' ...

• I'm making one of the ready-to-microwave lasagna's tonight. I hope I picked a good brand, as I've never had a pre-made grocery store lasagna tonight. Wish me and my expansive tummy luck! Oh, and I blame My Favorite Person for giving me the craving in the first place, as she had lasagna a few days ago and put it in my head.

• Ever have one of those workdays in which everything goes right, you get a ton of stuff done, and you impress both your bosses? Yep ... I had one of those today. Pretty nice, especially since it's a Friday ... and that my evaluation is this month. Gotta do more of the impress/make them happy kinda things.

• Just about six weeks left till Guam's General Election. It's a gubernatorial election year, and things already are getting crazy. And guess what? It's just going to get even crazier.

• The CSI season opener is tonight ... woohoo! For those of you who don't know, Guam's programming, up until only a few months ago, was a week behind -- some channels were a full two weeks behind. The only live channels we had were CNN, Fox News, ESPN and ESPN2. Now, we have a few more live channels, plus we basically get everything taped delayed, almost on the same day. You guys get to see the new shows just several hours before us, instead of a full week. What you see at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday night, which is 10 a.m. Friday morning, we get to see at 8 p.m. Friday, Guam time, which is 6 a.m. EST. It may not seem like a big deal to most of ya'll, but for Guam it's really nice. They have the technology, obviously, to make every channel live, but how many people will be home from 10 a.m. to noon to watch "prime time" shows?

• OK, dinner is ready. Time to eat, watch a little TV until CSI comes on. Dessert will be Nutter Butter cookies, dunked in milk, naturally. I think they are the No. 2 milk-dunking cookie -- homemade chocolate chip is No. 1, Oreo is No. 3.

• Saw this and felt I had to share it with the rest of you ... heh.


Kristen said...

*runs around room*

I'm first!!! I'm first!!!!


ArtfulDodger said...

drat! foiled again!

Chrissie said...

well? was it any good?

I dont buy the kind you can nuke... I get the one that takes 3 hours to cook in the oven lol

DZER said...

kristen: congrats!

dodger: you forgot to finger your waxy mustache.

chrissie: it wasn't ... and you didn't tell me it was a baker! grrrr ...

Natalia said...

It's funny to see the whole idea of blogging percolating into the general consciousness. In that new show "6 degrees" they make a reference to blogging. Granted it's a cheap joke at bloggers' expense. But the fact that it's there is a testament to the blogging power.

Anyway...I am ogg my soap box now. Lasagna sounds lovely. And CSI...I DVRed it...shall watch it tonight.


DZER said...

natalia: there's actually a bunch of blogging jokes in the strip "Pearls Before Swine" every once in a while ... kept forgetting to post them.

and I'm glad you're ogg yer soap box ... heh *tweak*

Spitfire said...

hahahh that made me laugh

Madame X said...

What is Dodger fingering?

Those poor blogless peopl look so unhappy!


SignGurl said...

I forgot to tape CSI. Argh! I went to bed. Don't tell me what happens, lol.

terry said...

nutter butters! yum!

hey, if you ever come to visit, i'll be sure to make you lasagna. i make a killer lasagna.

and i love "pearls before swine." i almost posted the latest blog comic myself, but got distracted by something shiny.

DZER said...

spitfire: what am I, a clown? am I here to amuse you?

madame x: you'd have to ask him ...

signgurl: don't worry, it's only one of those two-part super important interesting ones!

terry: you like the nutter or the butter part better? heh ... and I'll hold you to that promise!! ;)

Heather said...

LOL @ Kristen..slow down girl.. don't hurt yourself!

I DVR'd CSI and Greys.. still haven't gotten them watched.. going to today (Sat.) I think..

Hope you enjoyed your lasagna! I've tried several, I think Prego is the best.. of course, nuttin beats home made..