Monday, September 18, 2006

vacation ... day 1 ... halfway through

Wow ... I'm off on a Monday. Nice.

Some assorted thoughts and observations and notes:

• Feels so good to sleep in on a Monday ... oh yeah, wait ... I didn't. Forgot to reset the alarm and it rang at 9 a.m. Probably could have ignored it, but then my phone rang ... and the person hung up before I could get there. Then football was on, so no going back to sleep. LOL ... oh well, I did get a four-hour nap yesterday afternoon, so it balances out, I suppose.

• Looks like my fantasy football team will get it's first win of the year, unless Ben Roethlisberger has a HUGE game against Jacksonville. Shoulda won last week but I played the only other guy in the league that scored more points than me, and I wasn't even originally scheduled to play him. Oh well, dem's da breaks!

• Got ditched by a hot chick for the second time in two days ... for FRENCH FRIES! The first time, in the wee hours of the morning, for her to order and then eat ... they were so tasty she forgot about me! LOL ... earlier today ... I talked about going out for lunch and she said get her a burger (ha-ha) and told her I wouldn't because she ditched me for french fries the day before. Of course, this makes her hungry for fries, so she ditches me AGAIN to go make some! LOL

• So I went out to get some lunch -- hit the ATM first -- and ended up a homey little one-choice, two-choice place. Meatloaf with gravy AND fried chicken ... yum ... but it means salad for dinner tonight ... LOL ... also managed to remember to pay my cable bill, since it was along the short drive back home.

• Thinking about catching a movie later on this afternoon -- it's hard to beat afternoon movies on a weekday!! Maybe "Invicible," since I'm a sucker for football movies, or perhaps "The Black Dahlia." I remember seeing a documentary kind of feature on the whole murder, with the investigator's son hypothesizing on who the killer might be ... and it's packed with talented actors.

That's it for now ... will likely be back later with more.


Momentarily_Distracted said...

Mmmm...french fries!

Chrissie said...

LOL poor baby
They were good.. better than in and outs yesterday!

DZER said...

md: are you saying you'd ditch me for french fries too?

chrissie: ah ...the french fries ditcher makes a return appearance!! LOL ... wench!! *pinch*

Chrissie said...

French fries.. finding out the amazing race was starting... HAD to watch!then i got distracted by without a trace

but you know that already because you called me at 11:18 last night.

da buttah said...

wow. i need to work to top being ditched for french fries...i'm sure i can do it, i have a few dates coming up this month :)

DZER said...

chrissie: yeah, yeah, yeah ...

buttah: oh, I set the bar high, don't I? LOL