Sunday, September 17, 2006

the obligatory golf post ...

I woke up to a gray and drizzling day outside my apartment. On the road, things didn't look much better -- gray and rainy everywhere, it seemed .... untill I got just a few miles from the course, then I broke into crisp blue skies. Seems as if the rainy weather decided to say south of the golf course ... we got sprinkled on very lightly twice for a couple a minutes, but that was it.

There was a relatively new coworker of ours who was supposed to join us, but he was a no-show. Me and S both had pretty good days -- I was steady and solid throughout the 18 holes, he was a little more bumpy on the front side but had a great back nine. I ended up shooting 91, which is always a good score for me, and S shot a 92. My godson had about 8 putts that he drained from 3 to 5 feet in length, and several good, long, straight drives.

That's it! Mercifully short, but probably way too long for most of you nonetheless!


Chrissie said...

wow cool, happy the weather worked for ya!

DZER said...

always nice when it pans out like that :)