Sunday, September 17, 2006

taking care of business ...

OK, finally have gotten some stuff done that should have been done a while back ... blame it on my phlegmatic nature ... LOL

Anyway, here we go:

New DZERette
• Join me in welcoming the newest hot DZERette to the fold ... texas spitfire. She's from Texas, she ... umm ... spits fire ... and she is the 25th chick blogger to adorn their blog with the famous DZERette button! Spanks and tickles!!

Sidebar cleanup
• Several new bloggers added to my list of frequently read blogs over on the sidebar.

Secret messages
• Still no word on if anyone has found any of the secret messages encrypted into the Diatribe. Did I mention there's a prize? Well, if I haven't, that's because there isn't ... I just like teasing. LOL

Getting sun
Did get a little toasty on the golf course -- post below -- a little red-faced .. and look at the left hand, where the golf glove goes ... bit different? LOL


Chrissie said...

lol nice pic... make me wanna poke you

DZER said...

that's because you're an inveterate poker ... stay away from the eyeballs!

April said...

Ain't Texas Spitfire gorgeous?? :)

How does one become a DZERette anyways??

I betcha got that golf tan that stops at the ankles,

JMai said...

Okay, OUCH, pinkfacedboy! Just lookin atcha makes me hurt and get a little itchy.

Not the sort of thing you want to hear from a chick, I guess. Or a guy, either... -s-

April said...

oh, lookie, lookie...

you've got another DZERette. :D

The Savage said...

You sure you aint holding your breath?

DZER said...

april: the tan isn't so bad on the legs; I usually wear pants instead of shorts LOL

jmai: how do you know I don't like my women hurt and itchy? LOL

april: welcome! I'll post about it soon ... promise ;)

savage: no, then the cheeks would be puffy LOL

Kristen said...

I love that picture!!!!

DZER said...

kristen ... thanks darlin'!