Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the last day of vacation ...

Fucking Bleah™!

Is it almost over already? *sigh*

Not only do I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I also will go back to three days worth of work I have to catch up on -- tons of e-mail and voicemail and other stuff.

I'm actually thinking of sneaking in late tonight to get a jump on stuff ... how sick is that? But it might be better than trying to deal with it all on a Thursday.

Of course, I got almost nothing of worth accomplished during my three weekdays off.

I got a little cleaning around the apartment. Got more junk sorted and a bunch of it thrown out. I got all my photographs semi-sorted and put in plastic bags and then into a box for storage. Watched some DVDs.

Have the parts in my truck that need changing out. Will do that a little later today, when the blazing sun is gone and it's cooler.

Played no golf. Got no dirty talk. The world is still hungry and undominated. Pythagorus is still right (the bastard! I hate him!) Fridge still needs cleaning. Desk is still cluttered, most yard sale stuff still not done.

Out of the pre-vacation list I published ... 17 items in total ... only 3 accomplished ... and that's being generous to myself. LOL

Fuck it.

At least I got some time off.

Now I get to return to work all reinvigorated. Yeah. Uh-huh.

• Looks like I didn't acknowledge "Talk Like a Pirate Day" here on the blog. I did participate in a few comment boxes, but it disturbs me that I was so out of the loop on this one. My imaginary assistant has been fired.

Hopefully I will find out well in advance of "Talk Like a Renaissance French Royalty Poof Day" ... and "Talk Like a Mafioso Day" ... and, of course, "Talk Like a Caveman Frozen In Time Who Is Revived In Modern Times Day."

• Yep, it looks like the harem keeps growing, folks. Please extend a warm welcome, and several naughty spanks, to april, who is now the 26th DZERette. Yep, we now have enough for a quality flag football game. DZERettes will all be in daisy dukes and half T-shirts. I will play quarterback for both sides ... mostly so I can give all the DZERettes a chance to play center, so I can slip my hands up against their asses and give a hard count. Heh.


ell said...

i'm 3 for 3....woo hoo!

monday's my worst day of work and i've actually gone in on a sunday to get a jump start so i understand you considering going in. less interruptions at night and on the weekend anyway.

hey, at least you got 3 things done. better than nothing!

terry said...

you need to take a real vacation soon, dzer. one where you really get away. play lots of golf. take lots of pictures.

(hey, look! i can comment as me on a non-beta blog again! yaaay!)

Suze said...

Dzer, sounds like you had the ideal holiday...a relaxing one. I always used to reflect that I had done nothing I intended to achieve whilst on holiday. Then I realised it was because I did what I wanted to do instead!

I hope things aren't too hectic when you return. :)

Kristen said...

OOO, can the jersey's be pink and black???

Maybe the numbers in glitter?

DZER said...

ell: you really like being my first, don't you? LOL

terry: haven't had one of THOSE kinds of vacations in eons! LOL ... and welcome back to the blog as the beta you!

suze: it was good ... could be about ... oh, 2 months longer! LOL

kristen: I dunno about the glitter ... and I was thinking of something along the lines of thin white tees ... LOL

Madame X said...

Daisy Duke's=atomic wedgies so NO THANKS!

DZER said...

madame x: hmm ... I guess that makes you the watergirl then :P

snavy said...

What's this "time off" thing you speak of?? ;p

Heather said...

Mornin'.. just so I'm clear.. am I supposed to ask permission to become a Dzerette, beg maybe? I put your button up over a week ago and you didn't even notice.. *weeping*
Am I not good enough to be a Dzerette?
Do I not flaunt my "ass"ets enough.. what the hell do I have to do to get some acknowledgement??!! Sheesh! LOL

Sounds like you had a productive vacation for the most part.. Don't go in yet, you're still on vacation! The whole Talk like a Pirate day thingie.. eh..

Have a great HumpDay/HNT!

DZER said...

snavy: I think it was an illusion, a mirage, a figment of my imagination ... LOL

heather: you're supposed to TELL me that you added the button ... the DZER is a busy man! LOL ... and I decided not to go in ... ;)

Heather said...


Hey Dzer.. I added the button!

Spitfire said...

I talked like a pirate on one site...hmm...

*kisses Dzer* you do need a vacation!

Spitfire said...

ooo I wanna tshirt and dzer thong!!

April said...

Oh,yeah...t-shirts with glitter numbers!! :)

Yay...I got a mention. :D

DZER said...

heather: so I noticed! LOL

spitfire: I just had one ... kinda ... and I got no thongs!

april: seriously? glitter? LOL ... and yes you did ... mad props! ;)