Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Do Zygomorphs Ever Reproduce?

Yeah ... I got nothing ;)


Madame X said...

Duanes Zany Ebulliant Reminiscences

Kristen said...

*blank stare*

I got as far as ........

Damn and then the Z stumped me

da buttah said...

dastardly zeds err righteously.

defiantly, zen eats ramen noodles.

dicks in zoot-suits eerily run.

dimentia zooms east, radical!

deep zenith earning ratio..

okay seriously, i could do this for a while :)

Chrissie said...

Daring Zebras Eat Rigatoni??

Dumbass, Zebras Eat RICE *duh*

Damn Zealous Earthworm Racer!!

Duchess Ze Elegant Rabbit!
(dont forget the frenchie accent!)

Tired of taking long shits?? Try, "Dads Zesty Excrement Reducer!"

Ok i'm done lol

ArtfulDodger said...

Dman's Zany Entertaining Reads!

Diabolic, Zealous, Enthusiastic and Ravenous!

Distant ZipCode Extreme Region!

Die Zombies! Eat Rocketlauncher!

Don't Zigzag, Express Reason

DZER said...

madame x: nice one!

kristen: hmm ... is that blank stare being done in a tube top? ;)

buttah: zoot suit riot!

chrissie: nice collection there, baby :)

dodger: now I have that cranberry's zombie song in my head! thanks! LOL

grainne said...

Dangerous Zombies Eradicating Republicans

Delicious Zagnut empowers Romanians

Delicate Zucchini emerging reluctantly

Duane's zapatos encroaching on Reef

Disastrous Zinc emergency recognized

Delicious Zinfandel elegant refuse

Diamond-Like zirconia eradicates roaches

Oh hell...I only like the first one! But then again....I do like a good zombie!

DZER said...

grainne: zombies are always good ... boo on any zucchini reference! ugh! and oh no! not a zinc shortage!!

grainne said...

Dzer - I like zucchini ! I would bet you I could make it so you would enjoy it ~chuckle~
Zinc shortage - pale white people of the world live in terror ! Imagine all the sunburned noses ~chuckle~

snavy said...

Devilishly Zany Erotic Ravisher

kathi said...

Duane's Zenith Erection Rubber.

What do I win?

DZER said...

grainne: I doubt it ... I detest zucchini!

snavy: gotta love erotic ravishers!

kathi: we have a contender thanks to the erection rubbing! LOL

JMai said...

I know I'm a little late to the game, but how about:

Dingy Zygotes End Reign

kathi said...

C'mon, what could possibly be better than rubbing your zenith erection??? Need my addy again??

ell said...

dashing, zealous, eligible, & randy!

Jon said...

Daring Zoo Escape Reported

Double Zap Erronious Readers

Do Zigzagged Erections Reproduce

Deadly Zealot Eradicates Rabies

kathi said...

Well, hell. Even I like Ells. Dashing, zealous, eligible and randy...that's pretty damn good.

ell said...

thanks kathi, i really labored over that one.


DZER said...

jmai: ewww ... zygotes!!

ell: ooooh ... I LOVE that one ... pumps up the ego! LOL

jon: you are officially double-zapped!!

kathi: it was a good one, wasn't it?

ell: nice to know you put in some hard work ;)

Pyrhonik said...

Danger Zone Exiting Rear

That Z really makes it tough!