Monday, June 19, 2006

marvelous moments at mangilao ...

Every year, on or around Father's Day, some golf buddies from work and I head to the island's most amazing, beautiful golf course: Mangilao Golf Resort. This year it was me, Steve (my pare', which means father to my godsons), Jojo and Cid. I've known them all for a long time — Jojo and I went to college together, Steve and I have been friends for more than 10 years, and Cid and I go back about six years or so. I regularly play golf with all of them over the year, but recently Steve and I have played a lot together, as we've been taking out his boys to Admiral Nimitz Golf Course.

Mangilao makes Nimitz seem like someone's backyard. This majestic course is situated on the eastern side of the island, along the cliffside. On top is the front nine; the back nine are down the cliff and along the coast. The course is always in tip-top condition, from fairways to greens. Even the rough is in great shape. There are tons of flowers, trees and shrubs, so visually it's very appealing as well. It's challenging, with super-fast greens, but it really is a pleasure to play.

I actually played like shit for most of the day, especially on the back nine, and none of us shot anywhere close to a good game — we were all over 100 on the par-72 course. But we had a great time. We all like each other, and playing golf with each other. I finished third in overall score.

But, being golfers, we're all gamblers too, so there were a number of wagers on the match. First, there were uncovered skins. We all put money into a pot, which is then awarded out based on the number of skins you win. To win a skin, you must shoot par or better on a hole, and have no one else tie you on that hole. I won the first skin, and it was the only skin until the 16th hole, when Steve won one. That meant only two skins, so the two of us split the pot. I was THAT close to taking all the money.

We also had pots for low front-nine score, low back-nine score, low-overall score, and another pot for greenies. To win a greenie, you must be on the green of a par-3 in one shot, and score par or better. I had a chance to win the first greenie after a great shot on the fourth hole, but I hit my putt to hard on a super-fast green and it rolled off and into a sand bunker. I blasted out and then ended up three-putting from there. Yes, I went from birdie putt to triple-fucking bogey. I'm still soooo pissed about that! LOL ... Anyway, Cid won low front, Jojo won low back, and they tied for low overall. Jojo got a greenie on the signature hole, a par-3 over the ocean to a peninsula green (photo below) and then two-putted for par to win the greenie pot.

There's also a game called "Putting Olympics." The person with the furthest putt, if he makes it in one stroke, wins $2. Next furthest out wins $1.50 with a made putt, the next closest wins $1 if he one-putts, while the closest putt gets 50 cents for a one-putt. If you're off the green or on the fringe and make it in, you get $2.50.

This is where I really cleaned up. I made a par putt on hole No. 3, a par-five, despite being in the sand on my drive and then hitting into the next bunker on my second shot. Lucky for me I got a decent out from there, then sent a beautiful 8-iron from 125 yards to about 15 feet from the pin, which left me with the $1 putt, which I drained. That meant all three of the others each owed me $1 ($3 total), plus I won the skin.

On the sixth hole, I was on the fringe of a par-four after three shots, about 20 feet from the hole. I used my putter and everyone watched me drain it center-cut. So each person owed me $2.50, for $7.50 total. On the ninth hole, I had the furthest putt, about 18 feet or so. Yep, drained another one, which meant $2 from each, or $6 total. On the back nine I made two more putts for money, one for 50 cents, the other for $1, and that was another pretty long one, for another $4.50 total. That meant a total of $21 for me just from Putting Olympics. Steve was the only other person to win skins, but he only won $3 worth, which meant a total of $18 for me. Heh.

It was blazingly hot and humid day and I was pretty spent for most of the back nine, which made my score balloon. On the front side, it was looking like I'd break 100 easily, but I struggled in above that. But despite the highest score I've registered in about two years, it was still a great day. Good friends, good conversation, a lot of friendly trash talking, and golf on a pristine and wonderful course.

What more can a guy ask for?

OK ... enough rambling. I gotta head back into work for several hours, so it's unlikely I'll be around at the usual time to look at blogs and comment and stuff, which is why I wanted to knock this out as early as I could.

Enjoy the photos below! I will get the flower/scenic pics up on DZER's Guam Pics a little later today.

Note: Click on images to see bigger versions.Me just outside the clubhouse. The view's amazing, no?
Me and my pare' (father of my godsons), Steve.
The clubhouse view in the other direction. Note Earth's curvature. LOL
The course's signature hole: penisula green over the ocean. Tough.
The foursome at the signature hole. From left, Jojo, Steve, Me, Cid.

and here's my shitty swing, via animated gif
from swing pics taken by the golf course staff
on the signature hole ...

Mangilao Golf Resort was designed by Nelson and Haworth golf course architects. The course is 6,904 yards in length. It's also a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System golf course, which means that it "emphasizes natural resource and wildlife habitat management in an environmentally friendly manner." Click on the link for more information and some great photos.


Anonymous said...

I am diggin' that hat though.

Madame X said...

D with all this golf and poker talk you are making me wet.

kathi said...

The pictures are amazing. I used the one (earths curvature :) ) as my background. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!!

Knight said...

Looks like a great course Dz. Sounds like you had a blast too...

We bet a bit in golf ourselves... $1/stoke on the overall score. $1/fairway off the tee, $1/green in regualtion, $1/sandies.

Now we do our greenys a little diffrent... they carry over, plus you can double it with a birdy. (it also counts as a green in regualtion)

Our putting is done different too... we do "the putt pot." If you 3 putt a green, you have to put $1, a 4 putt is $2, and so on... who ever sinks the longest putt on 18 wins the pot... if someone sticks it close, and doesn't have a chance at "the putt pot" they can demand a putt-off at the pratice green with winner.

Heather said...

What beautiful pictures, you have a wonderful eye, Dzer!
Your right, it doesn't get any better!

Vixxxen said...

Looks like an awesome place. Glad to hear you had fun. :)


Kristen said...

Wow, Dz.......I had no idea it was that pretty there.......amazing pics

DZER said...

will: thanks ... it's a wonderful hat!

madame x: no offense, darlin' ... but it's summer and we all know that makes it easier to get you moist LOL

kathi: glad you liked; flower pics are now up!

knight: sounds like some interesting gambling games there; I'm always up for new ones! and you'd so LOVE this course!!

heather: aww, thanks darlin' ... and it doesn't!

vixxxen: it's one of the best places on Earth!!

DZER said...

kristen: hmmm ... sounds like you haven't been checking out my photo blog! LOL ... and thanks :)

Chrissie said...

Ok had to skip much, the golfism were too much for me! bridy this n bogie that blah blah what? lol i'd still drive the cart for ya!

and umm how old is Jojo? LOL nice way hes holdin his club there... looks like soemthing my 13 yr old would do lmao TELL him i said so!

Chrissie said...

btw.. are these old pants or new pants?... i like the shirt ;)

and even the ani looks good :) smaller n smaller you get! Mmmm

Chrissie said...

You know.. almost a decade and a couple ass shots later... i've never noticed what a bubble butt you have until now... seeing it in motion as you turn... very slapable! lol

Kristen said...


DZER said...

chrissie: jojo's my age, but is young at heart ... and mindset ;)

and those are old pants, which is why they're so baggy

and it would be nice to get my ass slapped; been a while

kristen: aha!!

Snow White said...

Sounds like everyone had fun, which is the most important part, isn't it? From all of your pictures, I can tell that Guam would be a beautiful place to live... if only it weren't so far from Texas! LOL xox

DZER said...

snow white: those of us who made some money had a little bit MORE fun than those who lost, but it was all good ... heh ... and ain't the distance thing a bitch?

da buttah said...

i so need to go to guam..seeing as i'm a tropical scenery whore.

so jealous!

ahh, and love the stroke man ;)

DZER said...

buttah: it's mahvelous! check out the flowers on my photo blog!

and anytime you want me to stroke for you, you just lemme know ;)

snavy said...

Great pictures!!

I'm not big on golf. I do like mini golf though.

Glad you had fun!!!

DZER said...

snavy: but I bet you'd look great in golf clothes ;)

and I love Putt-Putt!!

Mankind said...

Dzer, how'd you do on the Signature hole? It looks like a bitch. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your father's day. It looks like an absolutely beautiful course.

Chrissie said...

Yeah I thought they looked a little big ;)

SignGurl said...

That GIF motion pic is awesome!

Those pant are HUGE on you. That must feel so good (in more ways than one).

DZER said...

mankind: hit the rocks short and splish-splashed ... just missed with the club ... took the drop and two-putted for a double bogey ... bleah

chrissie: thanks for noticing ;)

signgurl: aw, t'weren't nuthin' ... LOL ... and yeah, they're baggy, but the only golf pants I had available ;)

ArtfulDodger said...

whoa! that course almost makes me want to take up golf.

DZER said...

dodger: it's a cruel game ... and the most beautiful courses are the hardest and most difficult to score on ... hmm ... kinda like women LOL

Grace said...

Oh my gosh, the view is amazing over there! It must be distracting to play golf in such a beautiful area... or not, hehe, it's definitely very very nice though.

P.S. Nice swing :)