Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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More golf course pictures

Oh deer!
From a report by the Associated Press:

A 75-year-old northeast Ohio woman is recovering from injuries she received this week when a deer got into her home and attacked her.

Mary Blake of suburban Cleveland opened her patio door Wednesday to let her border collie back inside and was shocked when a female deer followed close behind.

Blake says she tried to shut the door, but the deer knocked it off track and then knocked into Blake and started stomping her.

Blake frantically called police as the deer damaged her walls, furniture and some keepsakes.

Two police officers arrived and were able to coax the deer outside.

Blake was treated at the hospital for bruises and cuts on her arms, legs and stomach. She has 27 stitches on her right knee.

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Hmm ... I think the dog was in on it! What pooch wouldn't try to protect his owner from a crazy ... female deer? LOL

Another blogging toon

Guam's area code is 671. Yep, we only have one.

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Chrissie said...

Didnt we laugh over this yesterday?? *L*

We are fucked up that we think its funny ya know... poor old lady!


How do you not notice a deer until its coming in your house??...

DZER said...

chrissie: yes, we did ... I thought I'd share it with the blogging world ;)

and deer are famous for camoflauge ... heh

Grace said...

Wow, I thought dogs were supposed to scare away the deer, not lure them into your home... geez, what are my 6 dogs good for now?!

LOL at that blog cartoon! Good stuff :)

DZER said...

grace: that's why I think the damn dog was in on it!

psst! bambi! the old biddy keeps her jewelry on top of the dresser ... come in when she lets me out!

Mimi said...

lmao...and to think Im gettin pissy about the deer eating my flowers. Guess Im fortunate they are staying OUT side.

snavy said...

Oh yeah... the dog was in on it!!

sassinak said...

oh man
oh man
oh man

*laughs until she has tears*

i'm so sorry for that old lady but the mental image...
*dissolves into giggles*

(also great comic, right click-save)

DZER said...

mimi: watch out ... maybe they are plotting against you in the woods!

snavy: that's one wicked pooch!

sass: I feel the same way ... shouldn't have found so much amusement from it as I did, given her age ... but I did! LOL

JMai said...

Seriously? Only one area code? With mobile phones and everything??

And since I just read yesterday's as well: Deer Zigzags, Enters Rehab

Kristen said...

*shakes head*

only in Ohio

DZER said...

jmai: yep ... just one! and nice deer one!!

kristen: maybe it was murphy disguised as a deer?