Friday, June 23, 2006

three blips of brightness in a shitty weekend ...

This is gonna be a long weekend for me ... fucking bleah™.

Oh well, such is life, no?

Lot of work to do, lot of projects to get done, lot of chores and little things on top of all that. I like my weekends to be worry free, work free ... pretty much free of anything but laziness, occasional gluttony and doing nothing.

There are a few bright spots, however. They may not be big, but I'm going to grab on to any thread of positivity I can get.

1. I may get to play poker tonight after missing the Wednesday game. It all depends on how much work I can get done by about 9:30 p.m. Cross your fingers for me.

2. On Sunday, I get to go out and play some golf with my pare' and my godsons. That's going to be the high point of the weekend, I'm sure.

3. I finally got off my ass and got my nice watch repaired. It was one of the few times in my life I totally indulged myself with something expensive. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on the simple, every day things — clothing, shoes, watches. But this watch was the exception.

It's a Bulova, with titanium casing (very light), waterproof to 100 meters. When I bought it, I think it was a little over $250, on sale. The most I'd ever paid for a watch before that was about $75.

I've had a few cheap watches to get me by since this one broke about a year and a half ago — the gold lining around the date indicator came loose and kept the minute hand from progressing around the dial, and I just never bothered to get it fixed.

Did that today after asking a co-worker about a reputable watch repair place. Dropped it off before lunch, picked it up after. The guy fixed the broken part, put in a new battery, cleaned it and even set the time and date for me. It's nice to have it back again.


Kristen said...

Have a fantastic weekend

Heather said...

Good luck with the poker game tonight.. Enjoy your Sunday! Wishing you beautiful weather!

Have a great weekend Mr D!

Anonymous said...


Chrissie said...

Cool.. watch looks good :)

Have fun with S and the boys...

GL at poker.. you DID get the chores done?? RIGHT??

If you were HERE... you would be coming to the party tomorrow too ;)

Pyrhonik said...

Good luck!

Take that funk you're in and knock the cover off that ball.

I own a Bulova also. This one has been with me for two years. It's predecessor lasted 11 years. Like you I tried some cheapos and got frustrated. Time measurement is a significant tool in my life. Yours is a nice one, especially with the gold on the side, that's a classy piece.

snavy said...

That is a beautiful watch!

I hope you make it to the poker game & have fun playing golf.

DZER said...

kristen: thanks, dollface!

heather: unfortunately, I didn't make the game *sigh*

jenn: thanks and thanks!

Chrissie: it's snazzy, ain't it? and I will, I didn't play or get too many chores done ... and it's a little late to invite me now! there's no way I could make it in time!! *poke*

pyrhonik: thanks ... and I love my Bulova. It's so nice to have it back!

snavylicious: ain't it! and though I missed poker, I will have fun with the godsons! :)

Everything Nice said...

I love your Bulova too.. thanks for taking a picture of it :)

Okay now... who do I talk to about sitting in on a game or two.

I'll pack my poker face and I still insist I drive the golf cart.

Sounds like a very very great weekend for you D. I really hope it's everything you need it to be.

Suze said...

Snap! I have a titanium watch very similar to yours. It's extremely light on the wrist.

Hope you get to play your game tonight and all goes well with the golf.

Well, the sun is shining here in Blighty so we may have a good weekend. I won't be playing golf though but something else involving balls. LOL

kathi said...

oooohhhhhhh, pretty! :) Yup, like the watch!

Shay said...

Aw man, now I have to go get my nice watch's battery replaced, since you got yours fixed.

ah well, I'll cross my fingers for you anyway. ^_~

Jon said...

Nice bling there DZER. I stopped wearing watches a couple years ago. My hairy arms were tired of getting my wrist hairs yanked out. Besides, I have a cell phone that tells me when to get a clue.

Mimi said...

I love lazy weekends too. However summer doesnt produce many of them. Maybe thats why I really do love the fall and winter. Big ole pot of soup on Saturday, and a good book all weekend.
But summer...well its a social time..So I shall be social, lol
love the watch, and kick some ass at poker (or whatever it is you poker people do)

SignGurl said...

My favorite kind of weekend also. Hope it's as lazy as you want it to be.

Love the watch. I bought one for Mr. Sign when we got married. He didn't realize it was solid gold until he went to have it made smaller. He came home with his eyes bugging out. I said, "I'm not always a cheap bitch!" He still wears the watch 16 years later.

ArtfulDodger said...

I think it's time to have a great weekend! :)

ell said...

have a great weekend, d. win big at the tables and go buy something frivolous!


Chrissie said...

as if you need an invite?? please lol

DZER said...

EN: thanks darlin' ... anytime you're in the neighborhood, I'll keep a seat open for ya ... and let you drive me ;)

suze: isn't it amazingly light? and sounds like you may have more fun playing with balls than I will!

kathi: thanks sweetie :)

shay: you should go get it fixed! It's nice to have the fave watch back!

jon: thanks ... and do you wear your cell phone on your wrist? LOL

mimi: ew, social time ... to many idiots out there to have to socialize with LOL

signgurl: gold doesn't look great on me ... but I'm sure it looks good on Mr. Sign, and I know he'll be wearing it for many more years :)

dodger: it's always that time!

ell: I'll do my best ;)

chrissie: nice to know I can just pop in on you at any time ;)

Snow White said...

Hope your weekend is going better than you expected! You're welcome to come help me back if you get too bored! :)