Tuesday, September 12, 2006

looking forward to ... monday?

How often is it that you can't wait for a Monday to roll around?

Well, that's the case for me this week.

Yes, Friday is the payday with the extra pay for working the Labor Day holiday.

Yes, the weekend promises some rest and relaxation, and not having to work both days.

But Monday is the start of a mini-vacation for me — three blissful days with nothing that I have to do but relax and laze about.

Even better, a former coworker from Japan is coming here to visit for three days, including that Monday. Even better, he is a former golf buddy. Even better, we're going to play a LOT of golf over three days!

One of my current coworkers, El Cid, is taking some of his maxed out vacation time off as well, so there will be at least three of us playing at a variety of Guam courses. I hope my ex-coworker kept his Guam driver's license, or else it's going to get quite expensive for him. LOL

This is one we plan to play -- LeoPalace Resort.

I think I'm going to get my old set of irons re-gripped. My new irons are OK, but the old ones were made for a tall person -- the shafts are a bit longer -- and I think they will help my game with some new jumbo grips to replace the originals, which are kind of falling apart.

If I can get them in by Thursday, they should be done by the weekend, so I can try them out with S and the godson before I take them out with El Cid and Ryo-san, when there surely will be some betting involved.

C'mon, Monday ... get here already!


Natalia said...

Ahhh I am happy for you, D, love. Really. Time off sounds like just what you need after all that you have worked. And friends coming in and playing golf...damn that sounds just about perfect. Take pics, ok?


Chrissie said...

wow very cool for ya :)

and I can hardly wait for the multiple golf posts next week!!

Suze said...

It sounds like you deserve a rest. All work and no play is not good for you.

I hope you enjoy your games whilst catching up with your old friend.

Kristen said...

Argh........Monday? I'm really excited that you get to play and relax for a few days but argh on Monday

DZER said...

natalia: thanks darlin' ... and will do!

chrissie: thanks ... and very funny, wench! *pinches*

suze: I think I do ... and it shall be all fun and golf!

kristen: nice to be excited about a monday for once lol

terry, queen dork said...

finally! a few days off!

yaay, dzer!

snavy said...

Will you teach me how to play golf??

My paerents live on the border of a country club and my dad has a garage full of golf balls. You want I should send you some?

April said...

Enjoy your Monday, hon...:)

Chrissie said...

wooo! Thanks!

DZER said...

terry: no shit, eh? lol

snavy: I'd love to show you how to grip the shaft and adopt a smooth stroke ... heh ... and you just want to say you gave me my balls! LOL

april: thanks, sweetie!

chrissie: you're welcome ... hmmm ... did I miss an "interested" phase there? lol