Saturday, September 16, 2006

the rest of my saturday ...

Let's see ...

... into the office for a bit to get the weekend stuff done, then wrapped up the work I needed to do to fully enjoy my days off.

... then home to see if anyone was online and to check my mail and laze around for a little bit.

... then driving to a couple of stores to get some shopping done ... grocery. Got a couple of nice, thick New York steaks, some salad, some fruit, bacon, iced tea, SPAM and a few other necessities.

... home to nothing.

... played a little bit of online poker. Back up to about a million fake chips after busting down to almost nothing.

... then a little SportsCenter.

How riveted are you right now? That's what I thought.

... then some movies -- "Inside Man," which I liked a lot, and "Take the Lead," which I also thought was good too.

... next up -- can you handle the excitement? -- cleaning my golf clubs for my round Sunday, which fortunately isn't super early in the morning. 10:30 a.m. I can deal with ... usually.

And now, for the ladies ... some hot cock from Guam!!

well, the afternoon temperatures were pretty toasty!



Chrissie said...

Wooo Flashy Cock there!

Sorry I was asleep when you called. Someone brought the phone at laid it next to me but I didnt find it until 1:30+ this morning when I rolled on it and woke up cussinf... "wtf is this here for??"
Then I saw one missed call "Dz H"


DZER said...

chrissie: I knew you'd appreciate some quality Guam cock!!

and glad I didn't wake you ... Grumpy Irritated Chrissie is to be feard by all!!

*smooch back*

JMai said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one spending a lame Saturday -s-

That photo of you with the shades is WAY hotter than the hot Guam cock. I'm just sayin.

DZER said...

jmai: hey ... I never said it was lame! LOL

and hush now, or I'll tell chulo!

terry, queen dork said...

i'm with jmai. that is a hot pic. of YOU, i mean..!

DZER said...

terry: aww ... yer just too damn cute!

sassinak said...

i actually also like the pic

but i like the post better... i like the little rambley ones for some reason

*snerk* riveting :)

Momentarily_Distracted said...


Natalia said... could so totally be the next superhero-type actor. That is a cool ass picture. :)'s just... can't stop staring. :)


Lindsey said...

I HATE having to work on the weekends. That is our relaxing time!! No work!! We need to protest.

DZER said...

sass: thanks hon ... and you like rambly posts? who woulda thunk? lol

momentarily distracted: was that a statement or a request? lol

natalia: not to many giant fat superhero types ... maybe I can go for supervillain? lol

linny: working part of Saturday is just a routine part of my week, unfortunately ... LOL

Angela said...

Hi, I got here from Savage's blog...that "hot cock from Guam" had me snort out of my nose with laughter! Great blog!